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05:38AM Sep 29, 2020

Farming Five Unites Conservation and Profit

Building trust in food begins with empowering farmers through one of the largest and most diverse conservation- and sustainability-focused public-private

05:38AM Sep 29, 2020

True Believer: A Farmer’s Steadfast Faith in Miracles

Water from a rock. With the moon chasing the sun toward the end of a short winter’s day, Ed Hain

05:38AM Sep 29, 2020

American Farmer Snuffed Out Saddam Hussein

Long before the sun peeked over Nebraska’s eastern horizon in February of 1991, Ed Hain’s internal clock struck 5 a.m

05:38AM Sep 29, 2020

Researchers Looking to Reduce Irrigation Water & Maximize Yield

Regardless of the year, dry weather is common in the southwestern United States.   The Colorado River is now a major water

05:38AM Sep 29, 2020

A Surprising Way To Add 10% To Corn Yields

Too much rain has been a common refrain for farmers this year. Still, corn needs late-season moisture to fill ears