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Site Advertising

AgWeb typically delivers 4 million impressions per ad unit in a given month and sells a percentage of those to a varied client base. The site’s new design bolsters standard ad units, allowing ad creatives to pop on the page.

AgWeb offers a number of options:

  • Leaderboard (970x90/728x90 pixels)
  • Half Page (300x600 pixels)
  • Big Box (300x250 pixels)
  • Tower (160x600 pixels)
  • Native (multiple styles)
  • Text units (Varied sizes)

Most pages contain two 300x250 units and they are typically sold as a bundle.

Special Banners include but not limited to: peel-back, roadblock, takeovers, pre-rolls, and push-downs.


The power of sponsorship is adjacency to relevant content and roadblocking the competition. Typical sponsorships include 100% share of voice in the three major ad units and a sponsor badge noting the sponsorship.

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AgWeb Daily is the hub of AgWeb’s eNewsletter program, delivered daily and covering a multitude of topics. This eNewsletter is sent to over 190,000 recipients.

There are numerous content-specific modules within AgWeb Daily that are only sent to a specific audience. Here are some examples:

                  Agronomy   Corn   Cotton   Irrigation   Marketing  
                 Machinery   Precision Ag  Shops   Soybean   Weather   Wheat

AgWeb Market Weekly is a weekend edition of our newsletter wrapping up the markets and news from the week, and looking ahead to upcoming news. This is sent to over 190,000 recipients a week.

Dairy Today eUpdate keeps subscribers tuned to the latest news and trends, market moves and production issues driving the U.S. dairy industry.  Reaches 26,400 dairy producers, veterinarians and nutritionists.

Beef Today’s Grazing the Net is a daily eNewsletter covering the latest news in the beef industry.  Beef Today editors comb the Internet to discover news cattle producers can use.   This eNewsletter is sent to over 55,000 cattle producers and allied industry recipients.

Top Producer Today is an eNewsletter devoted to the business of farming delivered to AgWeb’s top producers. This eNewlstter is sent to over 24,000 top producers.

Custom eBlasts or Research

Looking to reach a specifc target market with a more in depth message?

Third Party eBlasts are unique content sends directly from the client to the exact target audience you select.

You can break out the recipients by size, type, region, state, county, or zip code.

Custom Mailing Research offers a turn-key research solution to clients needing business intelligence from the farming community.


AgWeb's Ad Network

This new vertical online advertising network aggregates impressions across some of the industry’s most popular web sites. Provides a "one stop shop" to reach farmers across the Internet. Lowest prices available.

Additional details:
  • Participating sites are ag-focused
  • Impressions are run-of-network based on availability of partner sites and not guaranteed to run on specific sites within the network
  • Units include 728x90, 160x600 and 300x250
  • Ad trafficking through AgWeb
  • Monthly performance reports with impressions served, CTR, etc.


Production Specs and Information

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