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From disease control to other Plant Health benefits:

BASF fungicides helps crops and bottom lines perform better.

Growers know that disease outbreaks can have a negative impact on yields. But beyond disease control, more and more are discovering how fungicides are also delivering Plant Health benefits that can have a positive impact on bottom lines.

Jim Ryan of Viola, Illinois, grows corn and soybeans on a farm that's been part of his family for almost 60 years. “I think Plant Health is extremely important in our operation in that a healthy plant is a more efficient user of water and nutrients, and therefore we get the most yield response from all the products we use if we have a healthy plant,” he says.

His nephew, Shane Ryan, is also a big believer. He said, “Some of the key benefits we see from Headline AMP® fungicide and Priaxor® fungicide in our corn operation is Plant Health in terms of chlorophyll production and standability of our corn crop as well as harvestability at the end of the growing season.”

Drive due east about 30 miles and you’ll find another forward-thinking grower. Alan Johnston of Galva, Illinois, is also a proponent of Plant Health and disease control for his corn and soybean operation. “If you can just keep that health going all the way through the season, it will pay you dividends,” he says. “Especially an operation like ours where it takes a little bit longer to get harvest done, and just the ability to keep a plant intact until the end of harvest saves us a lot money. Crops that are falling apart cost a lot more to harvest and your losses are a lot greater.”

Getting off to a good start is crucial. Protecting crops from disease pressure and environmental stress in the critical early development stages with in-furrow fungicide protection can pay off down the road. “Every year when we go to the field, we’re always pushing it. It’s cold and it’s wet,” says Kevin Weinard, a corn and soybean grower in Rossville, Illinois, who has seen successful results with Xanthion® in-furrow fungicide for disease control and Plant Health. “There’s quite a significant difference in the root structure and root growth by using the Xanthion fungicide.”

Pre-tassel applications of Priaxor fungicide can help improve growth efficiencies, such as enhanced root growth and increased photosynthesis. Consider that a 200-bushel corn crop requires about 600,000 gallons of water per acre. So it stands to reason that more robust roots will help your plants with nutrient uptake and water use efficiency, while also improving stress tolerance. Stressed leaves aren’t photosynthesizing – they’re trying to merely survive when you want them to be contributing to yield. Healthier, greener leaves increase photosynthesis, allowing the plant to drink in sunlight and power growth.

And, of course, timing is important. Growers using Headline AMP fungicide at tassel are seeing results late in the season.

To Shane Ryan, there’s one gold standard in the fungicide category: “In our operation, we say we don't spray fungicide, we spray Headline AMP [fungicide]… We get Plant Health, plant vigor, core field production and all those things are just as important, we think, as the fungicide protection that Headline AMP offers us.”

Kevin Weinard has also seen the results: “The harvest benefits of Headline AMP fungicide would be standing crop. That crop is going to be a lot more likely to stand. Therefore you have less hours on the machine. More bushels a day. However you want to calculate it, but it all comes down to dollars.”

Growers in the heartland and beyond are challenging the status quo. They’re being proactive rather than reactive, and that’s not only helping them control diseases. They’re seeing how BASF fungicides can help provide consistent performance – contributing to better yields.

Always read and follow label directions.

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