Grain marketing: How much money are you leaving on the table?

I was watching TV several months ago when a particular advertisement caught my attention. A man is sitting at a  kitchen table. Fabric is bunched under his chin from the shirt that’s been pulled up over his belly and tucked there. He says, “uh huh”, into the phone that is propped between his shoulder and ear and you notice one hand on his stomach and the other holding a scalpel. He listens intently while the doctor on the other end of the line explains where to make an incision. Suddenly you hear the announcer tell you not to do things at home you’re not qualified to do because you’re not an expert. Obviously, no one should be removing their own gallbladder at their kitchen table but sometimes in the world of grain marketing, it would sure make sense to give farmers more control.

That’s why Grain Hedge came up with a grain trading package, including a platform and added value tools, developed to allow farmers to get the administrative support they need and educational materials that will help them make the best decisions for their operations. We guide you through account set-up, including a test drive in the form of a 14-day free trial, and then offer additional tools and amazing customer support when you need it. Designed specifically for grain trading, the platform is set up to make that happen straight out of the gate. You’ll have a real person (personal grain broker) to help you with any questions when you get started and to be there to answer any questions moving forward, even if it’s just, “What’s moving the market today”.  You have the ability to make your own decisions and make trades when the market is moving, instead  of having to wait for a broker. If that’s happening while you’re in the cab of a tractor or fishing, that’s not a problem either. The platform, available for your iPad or smartphone, can be as mobile as you are. With Grain Hedge, this all costs a fraction of standard full-service brokerage fees and is only $7 commission per side.

Trading accounts with Grain Hedge also come with a whole pile of perks and benefits. Every night you’ll receive an email containing your personalized local cash bids and basis. A daily market commentary and weekly basis newsletter are delivered straight to your inbox. Weather intelligence, provided by Planalytics, including assessments of crop conditions and yield potential utilizing satellite imagery are delivered throughout the growing season. The GeoGrain Standard Optimizer, allowing farmers to pinpoint their best-selling opportunity, is also offered free of charge to Grain Hedge clients. Again, all of this is for $7 commission per side.

Grain Hedge provides platforms, tools and grain market specialists to give you the ability to be in charge of your own operation and help you find success at a reasonable price.

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