Grain marketing: Optimizer can actually make that much of a difference

Did you know that capturing 10-20¢ per bushel above your local cash price is not only possible, it’s probable, with the right tool? Did you know that sometimes yield numbers don’t determine your season’s success? Optimizing your grain marketing with the GeoGrain Optimizer can actually make that much of a difference and you can test drive the platform, for 14 days…. for free.

Farming is and always will be a betting man’s game. There are countless factors that are completely unknown and out of the farmer’s hands moving into each growing season. Betting on the right field preparation, fertilizer and seed to match what the weather has in store, along with other input factors during the growing season, has historically determined the definition of success or the lack of it. A bigger yield equals more money and if you bet right, you win.

What’s important to keep in mind is that making that statement doesn’t always reflect actual circumstances. The 2014 growing season was a banner year. Yield numbers were through the roof and the price paid for those crops is at the lowest levels we’ve seen in years. A gut reaction to this marketing environment would be to hold onto your crop because the market’s flooded and it’s got to come back up, right? What do you do if that doesn’t happen before you have to sell?

Best-selling opportunities are a moving target and if you don’t have time to spend countless hours on the phone or wading through websites trying to figure out who needs grain, when will they need it and who is paying the best price, this tool is the answer.  The GeoGrain Optimizer utilizes a data-bank of almost 50,000 cash bids a day from 4,200 locations throughout the US, calculates your best-selling opportunity up to 12 months out, factoring in individualized trucking and storage costs and hands you the answer to the question posed, “Where will I make the most money for what I’ve grown”. Consistent, unbiased information that you can use to make more money is available at your fingertips every day.

EXAMPLE: If the GeoGrain Optimizer found an additional 20¢ per bushel sold on a 1,000 acre farm with yield at 140 bushels per acres, in 2014 that operation would have garnered an additional $28,000. We’re not talking about a buck and some change here. Believe it or not, there is actually a “sweet spot” to the number of locations most operations sell grain to when they optimize their profit potential. Utilizing a tool that saves time and resources makes sense for any operation but having the information this platform provides also makes cents… literally, and having this resource costs $20* per month (*annual subscription required). How can you not justify spending $240 a year on a product that has the potential to make you $28,000 in that same time period?

From a farmer who currently subscribes, “Within the first few days of signing up for the service, I identified a new opportunity in my area that I had been missing. That opportunity alone has paid for my subscription many times over.”

Producers don’t control the value of the US dollar, export status in the world, rail congestion or the weather but if you’re a farmer, you can find opportunity with the GeoGrain Optimizer that will consistently and reliably help you improve your business decisions.

Contact Grain Hedge for a free 14-day demo of our trading platform today.

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