High-performing Pigs Start Healthy, End Strong

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High-performing Pigs Start Healthy, End Strong

Disease prevention can make or break a pig’s performance because healthier pigs reach heavier weights.

St. Joseph, Mo. (June 7, 2016) — Producers measure the success of their herds on pig performance – whether that is average daily gain (ADG), feed efficiency, mortality, pigs per litter or other performance statistics.  And we know the healthier the pig, the better its lifelong performance.

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (BIVI) knows that preventive health protocols, while a small part of the overall cost, provide a major boost to pig health and performance when raising a healthy pig. With the launch of a new health platform: Start Healthy, End Strong, BIVI has pledged to help farmers succeed in preventing swine diseases by providing the right tools for a healthy start.

Start Healthy, End Strong, was developed on the belief that when you start your pigs off using robust health protocols, they will maximize profits at the market. And disease prevention, through proactive vaccinations versus reactive treatment of diseased pigs, is the key to unlocking their true performance potential.

 “With BIVI’s history and expertise in developing new, innovative vaccines, disease prevention in swine is our greatest strength,” says Dr. Kate Christmas, director of swine professional services for BIVI.

BIVI has begun to roll out new resources like SOURCE for PED and PRRS, which is an online, comprehensive library of research-proven swine health solutions. SOURCE continues to expand and offer additional management solutions for both respiratory and enteric diseases. And, through BIVI’s customizable portfolio of respiratory and enteric vaccines it offers one of the most complete vaccine packages in the industry.

 “It is part of our belief system that by helping our customers, and partnering with them, by utilizing all of our services – not only our products, but our people, our resources, and our programs – we will ultimately have healthy, uniform pigs in the end,” Dr. Christmas adds.

For more information on Start Healthy, End Strong, visit http://www.bi-vetmedica.com/species/swine.html.


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