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Ten steps to weed control
Sponsored by: Bayer

The modern era of tough-to-control and resistant weeds requires a more proactive, integrated management approach. So, what does that look like? Experts recommend 10 best management practices to put you in a successful mindset.

Save Big Now, Yield Big Later
Sponsored by: Great Plains

Great Plains implements are designed to help you get the most out of your fields while saving you money. Take advantage of big savings NOW on field-proven tillage, nutrient application, and seeding equipment to yield big LATER.

Seed Treatment & Protection
Sponsored by: Valent AveoEZ and Intego

Find news and information on seed treatment and protection focused on the retail audience.

Crop Input News
Sponsored by: Valent MycoApply

Covering fungicide, herbicide, insecticide and aspects of soil and technology.

Better Corn Disease Control
Sponsored by: DuPont

Looking for better corn disease control in 2018? DuPont Crop Protection experts share tips for season-long protection. Watch our video now for ideas on yield protection hosted by Farm Journal’s Pam Fretwell. Learn how to identify common foliar diseases and hear thoughts on management strategies.

Harness the Power of Technology!
The inaugural Farm Journal AgTech expo is a hands on learning opportunity for farmers of the future, designed to meet you wherever you fall on the AgTech adoption curve! Register Today for $99!

Grain Bin Safety Guidelines You Should Know
It is no secret how lethal grain bins can be. Make grain bin safety a priority and check out these 9 practical tips that every farmer can follow.

What’s Next for Land Values?
Know how the latest trends in land values may impact your farmland investment and browse recent land sales. Get a free issue of LandOwner Newsletter.

How To Stay Aware Of Uncertain Market Prices
With market prices constantly on the move, you can stay ahead with mobile alerts. It brings the latest commodity prices to you, allowing you to know where current prices stand.

Check Your Marketing Position
Use Pro Farmer’s position monitors to stay current with your marketing. Includes positions for cash-only marketers and hedgers. Read the latest newsletter here.

Benefits Of Viewing Your Farm As An Investment
Have you had to pitch your farm business before? You have a lot to gain by thinking this way. Use this list of tough questions to see how well you’d do.