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Cost of production analysis. Budgeting. Is your farm ready for ag software?
Sponsored by: Red Wing Software

It’s worth your time to see if a move to ag accounting software would benefit your operation. Get the free Guide to Switching from General to Ag Accounting Software and find out.

Precision agriculture runs on dependable data
Sponsored by: Agrian

Agrian’s unified platform incorporates soil test lab results and ensures you can capture all the data points needed to farm precisely and effectively, including field mapping, planting and yield mapping, crop protection, nutrient management and variable-rate application, and move that data to the parties and equipment that need it. Learn more by watching our free video.

Add Accuracy to Your Grain Marketing
Sponsored by: Roach Ag

Sign up for the Daily Grain Plan and receive a 30-day free trial. This easy to follow approach to marketing will be invaluable to your operation.

What’s Next for Land Values?
Know how the latest trends in land values may impact your farmland investment and browse recent land sales. Get a free issue of LandOwner Newsletter.

Check Your Marketing Position
Use Pro Farmer’s position monitors to stay current with your marketing. Includes positions for cash-only marketers and hedgers. Start an easy, no-obligation free trial.

Pre-planning for 2018: Weed Control Tips
Sponsored by: Bayer

When just a handful of prolific, pervasive weeds such as Palmer amaranth and waterhemp are able to pump millions of seeds into a field, experts agree: a zero-tolerance approach to weed management is the new standard. Here’s 3 tips to control weeds.

John Deere LEAD TV
Sponsored by: John Deere

We're introduced into the world of John Deere LEAD TV where economics and agronomics meet. Your host for the series Pam Fretwell helms this monthly series presented by John Deere.