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Cost of production analysis. Budgeting. Is your farm ready for ag software?
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It’s worth your time to see if a move to ag accounting software would benefit your operation. Get the free Guide to Switching from General to Ag Accounting Software and find out.

Managing Resistant Barnyardgrass
Sponsored by: Nufarm

Weed specialist shares ways to fight against barnyardgrass, which is resistant to glyphosate and clethodim.

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Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour Aug. 20-23
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Eye-Catching Land Sales
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Add Accuracy to Your Grain Marketing
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Sign up for the Daily Grain Plan and receive a 30-day free trial. This easy to follow approach to marketing will be invaluable to your operation.

John Deere LEAD TV
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We're introduced into the world of John Deere LEAD TV where economics and agronomics meet. Your host for the series Pam Fretwell helms this monthly series presented by John Deere.