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Lely - Barn Design for Robotic Milking

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In recent years, the popularity of robotic milking has increased significantly. The motivation of dairy farmers to switch to robotic milking is extremely diverse and it also varies from company to company.

With robotic milking, a cow is given the freedom to decide for herself between milking, eating or resting. As an entrepreneur, the farmer has the management tools in his hands to improve herd management and, as a result, the profitability of the business. In addition, a milking robot offers the farmer the freedom and flexibility to improve the quality of his social life.

A barn geared towards robotic milking and daily management facilitates the comfort of both farmer and cows. New construction offers the possibility of adapting the barn entirely according to the needs of the farmer and his livestock, while conversion calls for a compromise between what is desired and what the existing possibilities have to offer. This brochure highlights some important aspects of barn construction in relation to the Astronaut milking robot. The following aspects are explained: the different types of barns, floors, cubicles and the ventilation possibilities. In addition, the presence of sufficient light, air and clean water in the barn, as well as the various types of feed fences, will be addressed.

Fill out the information below to download this brochure with practical advice on barn construction for your robotic dairy operation.

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