It’s a New Year, time to put the past year behind us and look forward to the opportunities ahead.

Why not start the New Year out on the right foot? Let Top Third help you by offering TWO ways to get started.

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I know that many of you have spoken with your banker regarding the necessity of a marketing plan for your crops. There have been years when ignoring the marketing has paid off. However, the gains made in those years have rarely, if ever, offset the losses in those years when marketing could have maintained great profitability.

In 2016, we are still confronted with large worldwide carryouts that could increase if there are no major weather threats around the world. Without any of the threats coming to fruition, American farmers could face another year of cheap prices and minimal profitability.

We do know that in every year since 1972 there has been at least one opportunity to market grain at profitable levels. At Top Third, we believe the American farmer must be prepared for that opportunity by having a market plan in place today to help you take advantage of whatever comes tomorrow.

We look forward to helping you manage risk in 2016.

Mark Gold

Managing Partner

Top Third Ag Marketing, LLC.     

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