dickey-john_WatchNow_BTNMoisture plays a critical role in grain harvest, storage and trade. In this webinar, we will pinpoint the four most common applications for grain moisture measurements and highlight how the type of moisture measurement can affect your overall efficiency and profitability.

Additionally, we will discuss how the introduction of the 2012 USDA moisture testing technology update = the 149 MHz/Unified Grain Moisture Algorithm (UGMA) - impacted elevators as well as producers. While the USDA technology change mandate meant that elevators across the country updated to moisture meters with the 149 MHz/UGMA technology, it leaves producers with older instruments at risk of taking moisture readings that are less accurate and inconsistent with their local elevator.



GeneMillardGene Millard, President, Millard Family Farms, St. Joseph, Mo. (Moderator)

Gene and his son, Brian operate "Millard Family Farms Inc.," a 1,500 acre corn, soybean and cattle farming operation in Osborn, Missouri. The family farm was honored by being named a "Century Farm" in 2005, as a part of the farm was acquired by Gene's great grandfather in 1905. he graduated from Colorado State university. Gene has been in radio broadcasting and broadcast marketing for more than 50 years. Currently he hosts "agri-shop" each Saturday morning on a network of ten radio stations located in Missouri, Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska.

Gene was inducted into the National Association of Farm Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2010. Gene and his wife Sharon are the proud parents of four daughters, two sons, nine grandsons and one granddaughter.



KenHellevangKenneth Hellevang, PH.D., Professor, North Dakota State University

Ken is a registered professional engineer (PH.D. in Engineering) and a tenured professor at NDSU. As an Extension Engineer of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at NDSU, he provides education and technical assistance in grain drying and storage structures with a focus on energy efficiency, indoor environmental engineering primarily related to moisture and mold, and flood preparation and recovery. He authored/co-authored more than 200 publications and conducted research on numerous grain drying and storage topics.



RogerVanderkolkRoger VanderKolk, Global Product Manager, Dicky John Corporation

As a product manager for DICKEY-John, Roger focuses on analytical instruments, including grain moisture meters. He has spent more than 10 years working with grain producers, traders and governing agencies to develop products that technically advance the marketplace with more accurate and efficient measurements. He is an active member of GEAPS, and is involved with numerous grain stakeholder organizations such as NGFA and AAGIWA. He travels the world to educate on the necessity of accurate grain moisture measurements.



Who Should Attend?

Grain producers seeking to maximize profit and efficiencies throughout the harvest, conditioning, trading and storing process.

What You Will Learn?

Use moisture data to determine most profitable harvest time.

Control drying process to eliminate over drying.

Avoid preventable dockage fees at the elevator.

Understand the impact of new 149 MHz/UGMA technology


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