Why upgrading old pivots to remote technology pays off


Sponsored ContentSmart growers have found an easy way to upgrade pivots to remote management

Lindsay’s FieldNET® Pivot Control is positively changing the way growers are managing their irrigation.

Pivot Control upgrades almost any brand and age of pivot to in-field and remote irrigation control and monitoring capabilities. “You can take a 30-year-old pivot and bring it right up to date with this unit,” says Colorado grower Jared Gardner, who tested the product on his Zimmatic® by Lindsay pivot and two competitor brands. “You can put this on anything. Now I can have everything under one roof,” he says.

By retrofitting an existing system with Pivot Control, growers gain the advantages of FieldNET's web and mobile app capabilities, including real-time alerts and status updates. Pivot Control's user-friendly look and feel allows for quick adjustments in the field.

Pivot Control features full remote control of pivots, pumps and injectors, along with monitoring of sensors. It also includes Basic Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) with 360 sectors, and GPS positioning for precision irrigation.

Unlike other remote controllers, Pivot Control is mounted at the pivot point for in-field control and enhanced features.

Fourth-generation Nebraska grower Kirk Olson integrated Pivot Control into his system of 32 pivots, which range in age from new to 1970 brands. “Pivot Control makes it easy to have our older pivots operating like the new ones. We could immediately see the benefits by being able to check and control our entire irrigation system through a computer or smartphone.

Visit MyFieldNET.com for more information or locate your nearest Zimmatic dealer.

FieldNET is available as a subscription – see your local Zimmatic dealer for details.