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2017 Ag Census

In 2017, 72% of American farmers shared critical data about their operations, finances, labor, crops and livestock. Farm Journal examines what the 2017 Census of Agriculture data can tell us about farms, farming and farmers.

2017 Census of Agriculture

02:02AM Aug 25, 2019

Rise In Women Farmers Attributed To Data Collection Change

CALDWELL, Idaho (AP) — Federal data shows more women are operating farms in Idaho, but officials say they have always

02:02AM Aug 25, 2019

America’s Top 25 Beef Cow Counties

Texas is America’s top beef cow state, with 4.57 million head. In fact, Texas boasts 14% of all the nation’s

02:02AM Aug 25, 2019

America’s Top 25 Beef Cow Counties, Page 2

Updated July 10, 2019

  • 71,880 beef cows
  • 12.9 cows per sq. mile

  • 72,778 beef cows
  • 15.0 cows per sq. mile
02:02AM Aug 25, 2019

Takeaways from the 2017 Census

The 2017 Census of Agriculture revealed both expected and surprising results. Released in mid-April, the 6.5 million data points shed

02:02AM Aug 25, 2019

An Ag Census Deep Dive Made Easy

This week USDA released the 2017 Census of Agriculture. As part of a comprehensive effort to mine the data for

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