2019 Soybean Acreage Decline Likely from Fringe States

January 23, 2019 04:26 PM
Taking a cue from difficult trade situations, depressed prices and record stocks, soybean acres could decline this coming year. The shift away from soybeans will likely come from the highest producing states.

Taking a cue from difficult trade situations, depressed prices and record stocks, soybean acres could decline this coming year. The shift away from soybeans will likely come from the just states historically among the highest in production.

“At present it is likely that soybean acreage will decline in the U.S.,” said Brent Gloy, economist with Ag Economic Insights in a recent report. “A fair amount of acreage adjustment will likely come from the Corn Belt states.”

In recent years, soybean acres have increased outside of the Corn Belt. Nine states planted in excess of five million acres of soybeans in 2018, according to Gloy. In addition to the top production states, nine more states planted more than one million acres of soybeans. Those 18 states accounted for 95% of soybeans planted in the U.S.

In more recent history, Kansas, Missouri and North Dakota have showcased some of the biggest acreage shifts—to the tune of one million or more in a single year. However, Missouri is the only state to have ever shown a more than one million acre decrease in a single year, 2015.


Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 3.44.11 PM

“One of the things noticeable about this map is that the states with larger average changes were generally outside of the traditional Corn Belt,” Gloy said. “For instance, North Dakota, Missouri and Kansas had the largest average change. North Dakota’s average change was 487,000 acres.”

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bad axe, MI
1/25/2019 06:37 AM

  Trump either going to have a trade agreement on ag products by spring with china that will support high prices or if not he is going to pay us again in the fall. We are going in to an election cycle now and the Midwest elected him so short term he is going to pump out cash, long term after the 2020 election I am not so sure. The hang up on this trade agreement with china is there coping products we invented , mass producing them and sending them back here selling them under are cost of production. That's all due to our 72 trillion dollar credit market debt, which caused hyperinflation of asset prices in this country which made it imposable to make anything and sell it abroad at a profit. But commodities grown here is the only thing we can export at some what break even or even a profit with the world. Trump knows that and he make them take a more than they were taking in the past. Just remember he did pay us the second half of the $1.65 and the government was shut down. Just remember were in year number 6 of falling commodity prices . This started on Obama's watch for four years and he didn't do much to correct it. Trump want's in this trade agreement with china that the US exclusively supplies them with agricultural products they need to import. Just remember we import 17% of there total productivity , but that's all there profit on that productivity. China needs us more than we need them and trump is exploiting that. Hopefully it all works out it should.

bad axe, MI
1/25/2019 11:38 AM

  Troubled TaxPayer you are absolutely right the only question I have is why the tax payer never paid for the 22 trillion it ran up in debt. The average tax payer really isn't worried about paying for anything it's a taking point because there not getting the free candy. The bottom line is trump put 250 billion in tariffs on china because we were losing 350 billion in trade to them each year , he gave the farmer taking all the risk 12 billion of the 250 billion the US has coming in on tariffs. By my math trump cut are loses by 238 billion , what did Obama do nothing for 8 years we lost over 2 trillion because Obama had no clue how to make money like trump. Trump invested 12 billion to make 238 billion and I will help him make another 238 billion next year. Trump will be injecting money where he has to win this trade war but he still made the tax payer 238 billion

Troubled TaxPayer
Detroit, MI
1/25/2019 08:31 AM

  Dear CK, I don't understand why Trump owes you anything? Didn't Ag Sect Sonny Perdue say there will be no more mitigation payments and that you needed to adjust to new market conditions? To be honest I didn't believe you were entitled to the 2nd payment since the market bounced half of what it lost. The problem like the article is suggesting, the world bean producer is growing too much and the fringe areas in the U.S. need to stop or at reduce their planting of soybeans. I as a taxpayer, I feel for your initial pain, and you been made whole again with the $1.65 payment, but don't keep your hand out once the rules of the game change & you don't. That is not fair to the American Taxpayer.


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