Americas Agriculture Challenge Smaller

Your voice is the one that matters—not lobbyists or associations. Those with no connection to agriculture are poised to listen.
We, as farmers, must answer the call.

Use the resources below to learn more and take action.

About This Campaign

This new advocacy series from Farm Journal Media provides in-depth information to farmers and ranchers about external influences such as overreaching regulations, policymakers, courts and activists that impact their operations—and potentially endanger the future of their farms. The multimedia editorial campaign aims to educate and motivate producers to interact with legislators, regulators and consumers to help them understand why agriculture needs the resources and runway to maximize productivity, exercise stewardship and secure our food supply.

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AgriTalk Radio

Listen to the latest news and updates affecting farm country.

Be an Advocate

Passing legislation that supports agriculture is challenging and requires active participation from you.

Get tips for becoming an effective advocate for agriculture and learn how to make your voice heard at the American Farm Bureau Federation website.

CommonGround is a national movement of farm women who share information about farming and the food we grow. Join the conversation.

Young people can advocate for agriculture through National FFA Organization.


Resources for You


Ag in the Courtroom