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Milk Is Now A Symbol Of Racism?

22:41PM Oct 22, 2018

PETA is at it again. What in the actual world? A Missouri news station reports PETA is now marketing milk as “a symbol of white supremacy.” The animal activist group has been trying to make this social justice connection for consumers since 2017, when they published a blog post on their site called “Why cow’s milk is the perfect drink for white supremacists.”

The National Dairy Council sent this statement to our friends at AgDay TV: "As a community, we take pride in responsibly producing nutritious and delicious dairy products. With a variety of versatile options – cheese, yogurt, lactose-free or flavored milk – there is something for everyone. Our belief is that food should bring people together vs. being used to create division. Anything to the contrary does not align with who we are or the great-tasting dairy foods that we are proud to produce and that many people enjoy every day."