10 Valuable Links for Anyone Applying Dicamba

12:17AM Apr 03, 2019
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With pre-plant spraying season just around the corner for many, it's time to make sure you know the rules and regulations for applying certain pesticides. Dicamba, a popular herbicide, is restricted use. Here are a few links to help with sprayer prep, training information and other valuable tips and tricks.

  1. Is your sprayer equipped for dicamba, 2,4-D application?
  2. What to know before applying dicamba
  3. Additional restrictions for dicamba
  4. Experts share opinions on dicamba's renewal
  5. Evaluate your liability coverage
  6. Understand dicamba options
  7. How to legally apply dicamba
  8. BASF Engenia label
  9. Bayer Xtendimax label
  10. DuPont Fexapan label