$100 Ideas December 2018

02:46PM Dec 11, 2018
$100 Ideas - December 2018
$100 Ideas - December 2018
( Illustrations: Bob Cunningham )

$200 Double Your Money Winner: Post Hole Digger Cart

With my handy cart, attaching the post hole digger to my tractor is a one-man job. I built it from scrap angle iron, strap metal, the center frame of a chemical spray rig and caster wheels. I roll the cart under my shop’s chain hoist to lift and attach the three-point digger frame. By removing the side bolt on the top bar, it swings down for easier access to the gearbox and auger. The hoist lifts the attachments, which are safely chained to the cart until needed. Robert’s Blue Gap Farm operation runs cattle on native pasture.

Robert Stephens
Abilene, Texas

Chain Holders for Utility Tractor

We have a utility tractor with no place to store chains. The chains would lay at our feet and were constantly in the way. So I made a chain holder that’s mounted to an existing bolt hole on the tractor loader frame. The holder has expanded metal on the bottom to allow dirt and residue to fall to the ground.

Phil Lauer
Olathe, Kan.

Cordless Tool Organizer

Organize your cordless tools with plywood and PVC pipe. The plywood shelf is held together with screws. For each tool, cut a 7" long section from 4" diameter PVC pipe. Slide the tools into a 1¾" wide x 4" deep slot cut into the underside of the pipe. The PVC pipe is screwed to the bottom of the plywood shelf.

Gerald Waldner
Willow Lake, S.D

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