$100 Ideas - January 2020

02:56PM Jan 30, 2020
$100 Ideas - January 2020
$100 Ideas - January 2020
( Illustrations: Bob Cunningham )

$200 Double Your Money Winner: Lift Reduces Back Strain

To reduce back strain when replacing bale wrap, we made a lift out of scrap angle iron and a tackle. The bracket is just high enough to clear the bales and an eye bolt holds the tackle. Now, it’s a one-person job to lift the wrap into position. We wrap over 200 bales with each hay cutting. My husband, Walter, and I raise grass-fed finished beef on the Fourth Wright Farm in the Southern Tier of New York state.

Denise Wright
Johnson City, N.Y.

Pivoting Toolbox for Easy Access

To avoid hitting my head on the loader arm when retrieving tools from the tractor toolbox, I made a pivoting toolbox mount. Pull the pin and the toolbox rotates out. Push it back and insert the pin to hold the toolbox in place.

Randy Myers, Lawson, Mo.

Sliding Hammer Claw Adds Leverage

When it’s difficult to extract a long nail with a standard claw hammer, my handy tool gives me leverage. The tool is made from ¼" plate steel. Just slip it on the hammer handle, and it rotates to assist in pulling out nails.

Treg Shidler, Clay City, Ind.

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