$100 Ideas - March 2020

01:16PM Mar 26, 2020
$100 Ideas March 2020
$100 Ideas - March 2020
( Illustrations: Bob Cunningham )

$200 Double Your Money Winner: Cradle for Log Splitter

To keep logs from falling off my three-point splitter, I built a sliding cradle using two 3/8"-thick steel plates connected by a strip of angle iron. The cradle is bolted to the ram through two tabs I welded to the ram spacer. Underneath, I bolted two layers of ¼" flat iron (1" wide and 1½" wide) to each side to enable the cradle to slide on the rail. An 18" tail was added to the rail to support the extended cradle.

Ross Prough
Greenfield, Ill.

Keep Antibiotics From Freezing

When vaccinating cattle in cool weather, I tape an activated hand warmer to the bottle of antibiotic and slide an old sock over the bottle to retain the heat. I also do this with my syringes.

Dennis Week
Evansville, Minn.

Leverage For Hard-To-Reach Bolts

To save time tightening bolts on my loader, I welded 1"x4" flat metal extensions to the bolt heads. Now I only need one wrench because the extensions hit the loader frame, which stop the bolts from turning.

Neal S. McCleary
Elkton, Md.

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