$100 Ideas - November 2018

02:29PM Oct 31, 2018
$100 Ideas November 2018
( Illustrations: Bob Cunningham )

$200 Double Your Money Winner:

Flexible Feedline Adapts to Cattle Size

We built a self-adjusting feedline that accommodates all sizes of cattle from calves to 2,000-lb. cows. We used a 1¼" pipe that floats within 11" long by 3" wide strap iron brackets, which are welded to upright 2½" pipes about 12" above the concrete wall. The bracket is bent 1½" at 90° and notched with a semi-circle on both ends so it fits tight against the post. Cows can lift the pipe with their head, yet the calves are not strong enough to lift the pipe and slip out.

Joshua Wipf’s family operation raises crops, hogs, turkeys, dairy cows and beef cattle.

Joshua Wipf
Alexandria, S.D.

Quick-Attach Torch Caddy for Welding Trailer

I attached my torch caddy to my welding trailer for portability. I spent $30 on gate latches and attached them to scrap pipe. I welded the pipe onto the side of my trailer. One latch is low to align with the caddy axle and the other is high to attach to an extra horizontal pipe I added to the caddy. For safety, the tanks should always be firmly secured.

Charlie Madaris,
Hope Hull, Ala.

Receiver Hitch Holder Organizes Pickup Bed

Everything is thrown into my pickup bed including hitches and pins. So I made a receiver hitch holder and welded it to the handlebar of my portable air compressor. The hitch receptacles are made from three 1" sections of 2½" square tubing and welded to a piece of flat iron. Hitch pins drop into strategically placed holes that don’t interfere with the operation of the air compressor.

Adam McKay
Frederick, Okla.

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