$100 Ideas - October 2019

01:40PM Sep 17, 2019
$100 Ideas - October 2019
$100 Ideas - October 2019
( Illustrations: Bob Cunningham )

$200 Double Your Money Winner: Pull Posts With Ease

With 6 miles of fence to remove, I made this post puller adapter for the quick attach on my tractor. The hydraulic cylinder pushes the 3½" square tubing through the 4" square tubing to press the post against the stop. As the puller raises the post, the sucker rod lifts the wire fence out of the dirt. It’s a simple, safe, one-man operation. Lyle raises wheat, soybeans and sorghum on the ranch that was homesteaded by his great-grandfather in 1892.

Lyle Morgan
Smith Center, Kan.

No Lost Plugs On My Sprayer

I had a problem losing plugs when I rinsed my sprayer. So I purchased light chains from a hardware store and fastened them to my boom at each plug location. Now I just pop the plugs off and let them hang until I’m done flushing the sprayer. They are right where I want them when I put them back on.

Samuel Waldner
Viborg, S.D.

Tape Marks The Spot

This is an easy tip to position the combine header on the trailer. Simply mark the center of the top beam with white or reflective tape where your sickle bar rests. I personally line up the center reel spokes.

Mark Lee
Nevada, Mo.

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