$100 Ideas: Scissor Jack to Straighten Augers

08:03AM Mar 04, 2017
( AgWeb )

$200 Double Your Money Winner: Scissor Jack to Straighten Augers

To fix bent auger tubes, I modified a used scissor jack by welding half-moon pipes on the top and bottom. I hook my impact wrench to a 24" extension rod with a hex end. The other end has a hook attached with an I-bolt. I turn on the drill to expand the jack inside the auger and lightly hammer the outside of the tube to smooth out the dents.  

Mark Lee raises corn, soybeans and wheat.



Door Safety Catch

When I walk into our pole barn, the door slams shut behind me. To keep the door from quickly swinging and catching my heels, I built a safety catch that keeps the door open, preventing damage to the door or injury to a person. When I’m ready to close the door, I release the catch with my foot.

Robert Strawhacker
Mediapolis, Iowa


Grinder Magnets

With five hog barns and more than one person grinding feed, it’s difficult to remember which ration to grind. I bought blank plastic magnets and a marker to identify which barn (left column) gets which feed ration (right column). The magnets connect to the tractor’s ROPS metal post, can be changed as needed and are easy to see from the ground. 

Philip Rask
Jasper, Minn.

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