$100 Ideas - September 2019

10:41AM Aug 13, 2019
$100 Ideas - September 2019
$100 Ideas - September 2019
( Illustrations: Bob Cunningham )

Blade Keeps Debris Out of Rims

The low-profile rim on my track tractor was always full of trash, dirt or water. This caused the paint to wear off as the wheels were spinning. So I laser cut a flat plate and welded it to the rim at an angle to knock out the debris.

Judah Waldner
Huron, S.D.

Pallet Forks Move Auger With Ease

I was tired of struggling to move my auger by sheer strength. So I mounted 3"x5" square tubing to the frame on both sides. Now I can pick up the auger and move it with pallet forks. It has saved a lot of strain on my back.

Ken Kies
Newell, Iowa

$200 Double Your Money Winner: LED strip lights up gauge

To enhance the visibility of the tank level when filling the high-clearance sprayer, I placed a $15 self-adhesive LED light strip behind the gauge. I then wired the light into the 12-volt system. The light illuminates the gauge and the fluid in the tube magnifies the light. Now I can view the gauge from the nurse truck, rather than climbing the sprayer ladder, with no risk of overfilling the tank or getting sprayed with chemicals. I raise peas, lentils, oilseed and durum wheat as a fourth-generation farmer. 

Gordon Stoner
Outlook, Mont.

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