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$100 Ideas

08:35AM Feb 07, 2015

$200 Double Your Money Winner: Hazard Lights Breakaway

Jacob Schmidgall
Atlanta, Ill.

On the back of my John Deere tractor, the hydraulics are on the left-hand side and the light plugs are on the right. When in a hurry, I’ve forgotten to unhook the hazard light wires, and they break when I pull away. To alter how the lights plug in, I used male and female bullet connectors, crimped them and added a layer of electrical tape to keep out moisture. Now if I forget to unhook them and drive off, the connectors come apart and the wires don’t break.




Sheet Metal Flashing Brake

To bend long pieces of thin metal, I built a 12" sheet metal brake that clamps in a vise. I welded a hinge to two 12" flat bars and then added square tubing perpendicular to create a handle to bend the hinge. Lastly, I welded square tubing at the bottom of the hinge to fit in the vice.

Duane Unruh
Ft. Sumner, N.M.

The Right Socket the First Time


To save time when looking for a socket wrench, I simply used a paint marker to highlight the sizes. Now, I no longer fumble around several sockets to find the right size. 

Brett Weich
Hoskins, Neb.

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