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02:31AM Aug 27, 2014

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 David Beamer

Oakley, Kan.

David Beamer has a small farm shop where he enjoys tackling repair jobs. It took him one afternoon to create this monitor stand from scrap metal lying around his shop. This is his second $100 idea to be featured in Farm Journal. David grows corn and wheat, the majority of which is under irrigation.  

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Pivoting Monitor Stand

To avoid clutter in my tractor cab, I built a mounting bracket to hold my planter and sprayer monitors. I used ¾" square tubing to make the vertical bracket, which I attached to the rollbar. The two pivoting arms, which swing independently, are made out of 7" and 9" long angle iron. I hung the monitors from the topside to allow the wires to move freely. When the monitors need to be in my line of sight, I use zip ties to secure the wires to the mounting bar to prevent a tangled mess. When not in use, the monitors can be pushed against the window out of the way.

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Soil Probe Bucket

When taking soil samples, my fingers are often sore from pushing the soil core out of the probe into a bucket. So I created a simple device to do the "hard work" for me. I welded a metal rod about 1⁄2" in diameter and 6" long to a square piece of metal bolted to the bottom of a bucket. No more sore fingers!

Keith Parmley
Monticello, Ky. 

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Swinging Head Gate

I wanted a hinged head gate on my loading chute so I could use it to catch cattle or swing it aside when it’s not needed. On the side that swings, I welded one round piece of tubing to the top of the framework and the same at the bottom to allow it to pivot. That side is bolted to a wooden post. On the locking side, the head gate lifts up and over an 8" tall chunk of pipe secured to the framework at the bottom corner. A bracket piece on the top secures the head squeeze so the animal can’t lift the gate off the hinge.

Dan Tucker

Hopkinton, Iowa

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