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$100 Ideas: Plow Edge for Uneven Surfaces

02:25AM Feb 12, 2014

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Mid Feb2
 Jim Friend
Pepperell, Mass.


For approximately $30 in materials and three hours in the shop, Jim Friend was able to fabricate a rounded edge for his plow blade. Cutting the slot along the pipe was the most time-consuming step of the process. Jim used a cutting torch but says a plasma cutter would certainly be quicker. The simple retrofit is easy to slip on and off the plow blade. Jim, with help from his wife and daughter, raises beef cattle on Sunnyside Farms.



Plow Edge for Uneven Surfaces

Mid Feb

Around our farm, we have a lot of non-paved roads and barnyards to clear after snowstorms. If the ground isn’t frozen, the cutting edge of the plow blade gouges too deeply and creates an even bigger mess. I decided to retrofit my plow blade using a 2" steel pipe cut the length of the blade. I cut a slot in the pipe lengthwise and slipped it over the standard edge of the blade. I then welded a couple of steel straps with a hole in the end so the pipe can be bolted to existing bolts in the blade. The result: a 2" rounded cutting edge that can installed or removed in minutes.

Tire Jack Mount

100 ideas midFeb2014 2

Since our trailer is often away from home, we made a mounting bracket for a tire jack on the neck of the trailer. The jack foot rests in a "pocket" made from flat iron welded to the bottom of the trailer neck. Next, weld an all-thread bolt to the trailer that slips through the jack’s lifting holes. Make a homemade handle out of a small piece of pipe welded to a nut that will thread onto the bolt. Set the jack in the pocket, making sure the bolt goes through the hole, and tighten down the handle so the jack is secure.

Carson Tardy
Effingham, Ill.

Tarp Bow Deflector

100 ideas midFeb2014

Tarp bows on a semitrailer or wagon often deflect and spill grain when filling a truck that stops in the wrong spot. I added a 6"x8" piece of rubber belting around the tarp bow mounts to deflect grain back into the trailer where it belongs. When rolling the tarp back down, the rubber pieces are notched and flexible enough to fold flat.

Treg Shidler
Clay City, Ind.


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