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2008 World Dairy Expo

00:00AM Sep 16, 2008


World Dairy Expo Special Edition of AgDay

AgDay & Dairy Today spend a day at the 2008 World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.  Click on the segments below to get a look inside this massive event:

Saturday, October 4

  • A day in the life of Comestar Lheros
    With North American A.I. bull studs now off-limits to any outside visitors as a biosecurity precaution, Semex brought a virtual tour of its Gencor sire facility in Guelp, Ontario, to World Dairy Expo visitors on Saturday.
  • Navigating the corn silage hybrid maze
    Long considered a minor crop, corn grown for silage is drawing more interest from seed companies and producers looking for less expensive, dairy-friendly corn.

Friday, October 3

Thursday, October 2

  • Cheese prices rebound
    Cash cheese prices rebounded yesterday on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange yesterday, with blocks gaining 6.75¢/lb to $1.8725. Barrels jumped 7.75¢, and closed at $1.8475.
  • Final National Dairy Animal Well-Being guidelines released
    The National Dairy Animal Well-Being Initiative unveiled its final principles and guidelines today at World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis. 
  • Dietary guidelines up for renewal
    It's amazing how fast five years flies by. It was just three years ago, in 2005, that USDA's dietary guidelines were upgraded to recommend three servings of dairy a day for every adult.Those guidelines are up for renewal in 2010. 
  • Are compost barns a viable housing option?
    Possibly, if you can find an economical bedding option. Listen in as Marcia Endres, associate professor of Dairy Science at University of Minnesota, offers an answer.  

Wednesday, October 1

  • Reducing dairy's carbon hoof print
    Dairy Management, Inc. (DMI) is taking the next step in documenting dairy's carbon hoof print on the world—and it's going to need your help. 
  • Jersey cows reach record production levels
    Milk production from U.S. Jersey cows is at record levels, national Jersey leaders said at World Dairy Expo today. 
  • Elanco finalizes Posilac acquisition
    In August Elanco, a division of Eli Lilly and Company, announced its intent to acquire Posilac, a supplement for dairy cows, from Monsanto. Today, Elanco finalized the deal.  
  • Straw bedded compost barn
    John and Annelies Seffrood gave a virtual tour of their three straw-bedded compost barns Wednesday afternoon here at World Dairy Expo.


Tuesday, September 30

  • World Dairy Expo kicks off today
    The 42nd rendition of World Dairy Expo kicks off this morning here in Madison, Wis. Dairy Today's editorial team is already in place, and we'll be here throughout the week to report on the latest news.
  • Students with a cause
    Smart, well-spoken youth aren't an oddity at World Dairy Expo.
  • NAIS 840-RFID tags help producers comply with COOL
    IDairy reminds dairy producers that 840-RFID tags are an easy way to provide customers, and ultimately consumers, with the proper COOL documentation.
  • Cottoneseed iffy
    With cotton seed flirting with $400/ton this fall, whether it stays in your dairy ration is an iffy proposition.
  • Create a productive environment for calves
    Raising dairy calves is fraught with risks, but good calf pen design and management can optimize the young animals' growth and minimize their health problems.
  • Dairy prices drop again
    The fallout from the financial crisis on Wall Street continued to batter cheese markets yesterday.