2010 World Dairy Expo Wrap-Up

October 4, 2010 04:22 AM


World Dairy Expo 2010
Visit www.worlddairyexpo.com for complete results
            - Complete breed show results:  http://www.worlddairyexpo.com/dcs.showresults.cfm
                - Full listing of all news releases:  http://www.worlddairyexpo.com/nws.main.cfm
Total Attendance:  65,136(Last year's attendance was 64,796)
International Guests:  2,468 from  87 countries (2009: 2,551 from 91 countries)
                Top five countries of international attendance:  Canada (379), Mexico (192), Brazil (113),
The Netherlands (123) and the United Kingdom (121)
Commercial Exhibitors:  771 companies from 26 countries
Commercial Booth Award Winners: Large Booth Winner: BouMatic.; Intermediate/Outdoor Booth Winner:  Lely USA; Small Booth Winner:  Bonnie Mohr Studios 
Number of Dairy Breeds Exhibited:  7  
Total Number of Dairy Cattle on Grounds2,411
Breakdown of Cattle Represented:
                Ayrshire - 259                       Brown Swiss - 354
                Guernsey - 184                     Holstein - 652
                Jersey - 443                           Milking Shorthorn - 236
                Red & White - 283                            
Total Number of Dairy Cattle Exhibitors: 743 exhibitors from 36 states, 6 Canadian provinces (AB, BC, MB, ON, QC, SK)
Total Numbers of Sale Lots:
Ayrshire: 15; Brown Swiss: 37; Guernsey: 31; Holstein: 44; Jersey: 25
Guernsey Classic International
Total Sales: $81,530           Lots: 31                 Average: $2,630
Highest Lot: $5,400 for Pinecrest Acres Natural Leah, purchased by Richard and Nicholas Kipp of North Prairie, Wisconsin, consigned by Idle Gold of Comstock, Wisconsin and Idle Neer of Letts, Iowa.
Top of the World Jersey Sale
Total Sales: $69,000           Lots: 25                 Average: $2,760
Highest Lot: $7,000 for first choice female sired by Glen Avery Action-ET and out of Bridon Ethan Almond, purchased by Beechwood H LLC of Ripon, Wisconsin, and consigned by Ron and Christy Ratliff, Garnett, Kansas.
World Ayrshire Event
Total Sales: $50,950           Lots:  15                 Average: $3,399
Highest Lot: $6,000 for Mapleburn Loreal’s Calianti-ET, purchased by Willy Templeton Syndicate, Scotland and consigned by Mapleburn Farms, Quebec, Canada
World Classic 2010 Holstein Sale
Total Sales: $835,300                        Lots: 44                 Average:  $19,666
Highest Lot: $$87,000 for RMW Super Anane-ET, purchased by DeSu Holsteins, and consigned by Tom Mercuro, Corey Wolff and Nick Raggi, Rocky Ridge, Md.
World Premier Brown Swiss Sale
Total Sales: $148,500        Lots: 37                 Average: $4,674
Highest Lot: $19,000 for Jerland Starbuck Fargo-ET, purchased by Ken Main and Peter Vail of Elite Dairy of Copake, New York and consigned by Mitch Shulte, Watkins, Iowa.
Supreme Champion of World Dairy Expo

Supreme Champion Cow:  Harvue Roy Frosty

 Exhibited by: Mike & Julie Duckett, Jim & Nancy Junemann and Scott & Nancy Armbrust, Rudolph, Wisconsin                                       

Reserve Supreme Champion Cow:  Blondin Redman Seisme

Exhibited by: Morsan Farms, Ponoka, Alberta, Canada

Supreme Champion Cow of the Junior Show: Claessic Fields Vindicat Genie

                   ​;                            Exhibited by Ben Sauder, Tremont, Illinois

Reserve Supreme Champion Cow of the Junior Show: Magic Meadows BBBK Alexus

                         &nb​sp;                      Exhibited by Britney Hill, Bristol, Vermont
International Ayrshire Show Results
Grand Champion Female: Sweet Pepper Black Francesca    
                                       &nbs​p;        Exhibited by Beverly Donovan, Benton, Maine
Reserve Grand Champion Female: Yellow Briar Jerrica
                                &​nbsp;               Exhibited by Marilyn Stephens, Troy, Ontario, Canada  
Grand Champion Female of the Junior Show:  Magic Meadows BBBK Alexus
                                             ​;   Exhibited by: Britney Hill, Bristol, Vermont
Reserve Grand Champion Female of the Junior Show: Shiredale Phil's Susan
                            &​nbsp;                   Exhibited by Tanner Topp, Wooster, Ohio
Premier Breeder:  Palmyra Farms, Hagerstown, Maryland   
Premier Exhibitor:  Palmyra Farms, Hagerstown, Maryland     
Premier Sire:  Blackaddar BB Kellogg
International Brown Swiss Show Results
Grand Champion Female: Old Mill JP Grace-ET
Exhibited by:  Ken Main  & Peter Vail, Copake, New York
Reserve Grand Champion Female: Jo-Dee Prestige Kaluwa
                              &nbs​p;                 Exhibited by Jodi Coppini, Tillamook, Oregon
Grand Champion Female of the Junior Show: Random Luck KB Louise-ET
                                                Exhibited by Hayden Hauschildt, Ellsworth, Wisconsin
Reserve Grand Champion Female of the Junior Show: Olsons Sues Zeus Susie-ET
                             ​;                   Exhibited by Tanner Mashek, Calmar, Iowa
Premier Breeder: Old Mill Farm-Allen Bassler, Upperville,Virginia
Premier Exhibitor: Blessing Farm, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Premier Sire: Top Acres EP Premium       
International Guernsey Show Results
Grand Champion Female:  Four Winds Mentor Hilite
                         ​                       Exhibited by Clark & Joy Vilter, Hartland, Wisconsin
Reserve Grand Champion Female:  Stockwell Farms Reward Hailey,
                                      &​nbsp;         Exhibited by Tyler, Paige and Justin Chupp, Inola, OK
Grand Champion Female of the Junior Show:  Knapps Blue Spruce Jacquilin
                         &n​bsp;                      Exhibited by Austin & Landen Knapp, Epworth, Iowa
Reserve Grand Champion Female of the Junior Show:  Prairie Moon Sydney Rubyet,
                                    &n​bsp;           Exhibited by Lars & Landon Sivesind, Waukon, IA      
Premier Breeder:  Four Winds Farm, Hartland, Wisconsin
Premier Exhibitor:  Austin and Landen Knapp, Epworth, IA
Premier Sire:  Four Winds Showtime-ET
International Holstein Show Results
Grand Champion Female: Harvue Roy Frosty
Exhibited by: Mike & Julie Duckett, Jim & Nancy Junemann & Scott & Nancy Armbrust, Rudolph, Wisconsin                                      
Reserve Grand Champion Female: Stone-Front Iron Pasta
                             &nbs​p;                  Exhibited by Mike & Julie Duckett and George Kasbergen, Rudolph, Wisconsin
Grand Champion Female of the Junior Show: Logsdons Durham Cher
                                           &n​bsp;    Exhibited by Katie Gibson & Michaela B. Sanders, Eminence, Kentucky
Reserve Grand Champion Female of the Junior Show: Stonefront Advent Laverne    
                              &nbs​p;                 Exhibited by Shane Nodolf, Belmont, Wisconsin
Premier Breeder: Ferme Pierre Boulet, Montmagny, Quebec Canada
Premier Exhibitor: Ferme Blondin, St. Placide, Quebec Canada
Premier Sire: Braedale Goldwyn
Central National Jersey Show Results

Grand Champion Female: Frederick 2783 Adventure

                          &​nbsp;                     Exhibited by S. Lackey/H. Rader/C. and E. Walton, Carlisle, Pennsylvania 

Reserve Grand Champion Female: Llolyn Jude Griffen-ET

                               ​                 Exhibited by Budjon Farms and Peter Vail, Lomira, Wisconsin

Grand Champion Female of the Junior Show: Claessic Fields Vindicat Genie

                       &​nbsp;                        Exhibited by Ben Sauder, Tremont, Illinois       
Reserve Grand Champion Female of the Junior Show:  Select Jade Emy-ET
                                               Exhibited by Jordan and Whitney, Algoma, Wisconsin

Premier Breeder (Tie):  Ron and Christy Ratliff, Garnett, Kansas and Arethusa Farm, Litchfield, Connecticut

Premier Exhibitor:  River Valley Farms-Sauder Family, Tremont, Illinois
Premier Sire:  Bridon Remake Comerica-ET
International Milking Shorthorn Show Results
Grand Champion Female:  Tex-Star Othello Peri
                                         &n​bsp;      Exhibited by Springville Farm/Fisher, New Enterprise, Pennsylvania
Reserve Grand Champion Female:  Lands-Brook Christina-EXP-ET
                            &n​bsp;                   Exhibited by Jordan Landsgard, Lands-Brook Farms, St. Olaf, Iowa
Grand Champion Female of the Junior Show:  GMC Innisfail Princess 610-ET
                                        ​;        Exhibited by Brook M. Clark, Cornish Flat, New Hampshire
Reserve Grand Champion Female of the Junior Show:  MPS Moonshine Still 175
                           &n​bsp;                    Exhibited by Bradley Byers, Milo, Iowa
Premier Breeder:  Hard Core Farms, New Enterprise, Pennsylvania
Premier Exhibitor:  Hard Core Farms, New Enterprise, Pennsylvania
Premier Sire:  Kuszmar Alfairs Othello-Red
Grand International Red & White Show Results
Grand Champion Female:  Blondin Redman Seisme
Exhibited by: Morsan Farms Ltd., Ponoka, AB, Canada
Reserve Grand Champion Female: Silvermine Adv Tally-Red-ET,
Exhibited by: MilkSource, Kaukauna, WI   
Grand Champion Female of the Junior Show: Hydeaway Advent Tequila-Red
                                                Exhibited by: Austin Hyde & Lynzi & Alexa Hyde, La Mesa, NM 
Reserve Grand Champion Female of the Junior Show:  Rob-Sara Ruster Tina B-Red,
Exhibited by: Robert L I I I & Laura Emerson, Middletown, DE
Premier Breeder: Greenlea Farm, Richard M. Green, Middleton, DE
Premier Exhibitor: MilkSource Genetics, LLC, Kaukauna, Wisconsin
Premier Sire:  KHW Kite Advent-Red-ET
World Dairy Expo International Futurity
Overall Futurity Champion: Budjon-JK Emilys Edair-ET
Exhibited by: Budjon Farms & Joel Kietzman of Lomira, Wisconsin    
Reserve Overall Futurity Champion: Heather Ridge Lady Di
                                Exhibited by: Nic, Jeni, Ben and Andy Sauder, Tremont, Illinois
Ayrshire Futurity Winner: Grand-View BBBK Dreamer
Exhibited by: Tim Busch, Cecil, WI   
Brown Swiss Futurity Winner: Old Mill Amazing Grace
                                Exhibited by: Lorraine Bassler, Upperville, VA
Holstein Futurity Winner: Budjon-JK Emilys Edair-ET
Exhibited by: Budjon Farms & Joel Kietzman of Lomira, Wisconsin    
Jersey Futurity Winner: Heather Ridge Lady Di
                              &​nbsp; Exhibited by: Nic, Jeni, Ben and Andy Sauder, Tremont, Illinois
Guernsey Futurity Winner: Dix-Lee Mentor Jazz-ET
                                Exhibited by: Jade Jensen, Conway, MO
Milking Shorthorn Futurity Winner: Mapleton Vly Fd Roulette
                                Exhibited by: Mapleton Valley Farms, Oconomowoc, WI
Red & White Futurity Winner: Budjon-Nitzy Destiny-Red-ET
Exhibited by: MilkSource, Kaukauna, WI  
National Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Results  (Contest included 20 teams)
Overall Top 10 Teams                                  &nb​sp;                     Overall Top 10 Individuals
1. University of Wisconsin - Madison                              1. Brian Coyne, University of Wisconsin - Madison
2. University of Minnesota                                                                2. Chelsea Holschbach, University of Wisconsin - Madison
3. Cornell University                           ​;                         ​;       3. Megan Herberg, University of Minnesota
4. Penn State                                                                        4. Caitlin Kasper, University of Minnesota
5. Ohio State University                                       &​nbsp;             5. Joshua Ebert, Penn State
6. Virginia Tech                                                                    6. Ashley Sears, Cornell University
7. Cal Poly State University                                     ​          7. Abby Udermann, University of Minnesota
8. University of Wisconsin - River Falls                           8. Hannah Thompson, Ohio State University
9. University of Wisconsin - Platteville                            9. Corey Kayhart, Cornell University
10. Iowa State University                                                  10.Jessica Perkins, Cornell University
International Post-Secondary Dairy Cattle Judging Contest Results (Contest included 19 teams)
Overall Top 10 Teams                                       &nbs​p;                Overall Top 10 Individuals
1.SUNY Cobleskill #1                                           &​nbsp;             1. Thomas McCarty, Morrisville State College
2. Ohio State University                                          &n​bsp;          2. Casey Arlig, SUNY Cobleskill #1
3. Northeast Iowa Community College                          3. Karessa Mann, Modesto Junior College
4. Morrisville State College                                        ​    4. Marjorie Hardy, University of Connecticut Ratcliffe Hick
5. Modesto Junior College                                      ​       5. Jessica Woodard, Northeast Iowa Community College
6. Michigan State Ag Tech                                                6. Rene Boardman, SUNY Cobleskill #1
7. Utah State University                                                     7. Ty Etgen, Ohio State University – Ag Tech Institute
8. Kaskaskia College                                    &nbs​p;                     8. Dale Dick, Michigan State Ag Tech
9. Alfred State                                                                &n​bsp;     9. Marc Bolen, Ohio State University – Ag Tech Institute
10. Honduras – Team A                                               ​     10.  Christie Hobby, Modesto Junior College
National 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest Results  (Contest included 29 teams)
Overall Top 10 Teams                                  ​;                      Overall Top 10 Individuals
1. Maryland                                ​;                         ​;               1. Bethany Dado, Wisconsin
2. Michigan                                              &​nbsp;                        &​nbsp;   2. Aaron Thesing, Minnesota
3. Virginia                                &n​bsp;                        &n​bsp;                    3. David Hardesty, Jr., Virginia
4. Minnesota                                       &nb​sp;                        &nb​sp;       4. Kaitlyn Corbett, Maryland
5. Illinois                            &nb​sp;                        &nb​sp;                        &nb​sp; 5. Jessica Sentelle, Maryland
6. Pennsylvania                                 &nbs​p;                        &nbs​p;        6. Matthew Mann, Michigan
7. Florida                            &n​bsp;                        &n​bsp;                         7. Hannah Hood, Maryland
8. Wisconsin                                    ​;                         ​;            8. Hannah Sayre, Virginia
9. Washington                        ​                         ​                     9. Fallon Curren, Florida
10. Georgia                                        &nb​sp;                        &nb​sp;         10. Derek Wasson, Pennsylvania
The FFA results listed below are unofficial. Official results, when available, can be found at www.uwplatt.edu/org/ffa/wde.
Central National FFA Dairy Products Contest
Overall Top 10 Teams                                             &nb​sp;          Overall Top 10 Individuals
1. Prairie Central                                           ​;       1Billy Marshall, Kickapoo
2. Kickapoo                                           ​                         ​      2. Tim Hartman, Prairie Central
3. Hillsboro                                           ​                                3. Thane Zehr, Prairie Central
4. Plymouth                                                                          4. Naomi Knapp, Prairie Central
5. Kiel                                             &nb​sp;                                      5. Anna Kleinhans, Plymouth
6. Waupun                            &nb​sp;                                               6.Jacob Joseph, Kickapoo
7. Milton                           ​                                                     7. Abby Backhaus, Kewaskum
8. Winneconne                       &n​bsp;                        &n​bsp;                    8. Ben Parr, Delavan Darien
9. Badger                                             &nb​sp;                                 9. Clayton Chapman, Hillsboro
10. River Ridge                              ​                                      10.Jennifer Posthuma, Waupun
Central National FFA Dairy Cattle Judging Contest
Overall Top 10 Teams                                  &nb​sp;                     Overall Top 10 Individuals
1. Laconia                                 &​nbsp;                        &​nbsp;                  1. Taylor Worthington, Ripon
2. Watertown                              &nb​sp;                        &nb​sp;                2. Derrek Kamphuis, Laconia
3. Lake Mills                                 ​                         ​               3. Sarah Witt, Brookwood
4. Rice Lake                                   &​nbsp;                        &​nbsp;            4. Regina Pozzi, Petaluma
5. Bonduel                                     &nb​sp;                        &nb​sp;             5. Nicole Wright, Watertown
6. Brookwood                           &​nbsp;                        &​nbsp;                 6. Brad Warmka, Waupun
Central National FFA Dairy Showmanship Contest
High Individuals

1. Ashlee Curble, River Ridge

2. Sarah Adamson, Milton
3. Ben Rice, Norris
4. Sara Addison, Iowa-Grant
5. Alex Gums, Abbotsford


2010 World's Forage Management Cup Contest
Overall Top 10 Teams                                &n​bsp;                       Overall Top 10 Individuals
1. Cassville                                    &n​bsp;                                       1. Jordan Fure, Cassvile
2. Amherst                                                                            2. Brian Hoffmann, Amherst
3. Oregon                         ​;                         ​;                         ​;    3. Tim Eddy, Amherst
4. Kewaskum                           &nb​sp;                        &nb​sp;                  4. Brian Straub, Oregon
5. Darlington                                      &​nbsp;                        &​nbsp;         5. Eric Coddington, Montello
6. Prairie Central                                            &n​bsp;                     6. Erin Ifft, Prairie Central
7. Freedom                                 &nbs​p;                        &nbs​p;                 7. Dane Pronschinske, Arcadia
8. Black Hawk                                     &nb​sp;                        &nb​sp;      8. Cody Welke, Osseo Fairchild
9. Spring Valley                                               &nbs​p;                    9. Seth Rowe, Darlington
10. Colby                                    ​;                         ​;                 10. Patrick Bonham, Baraboo
World Forage Analysis Superbowl Winners
World Grand Champion Forage Producer: Diane M. Pounder of Delavan, Wisconsin
Champion First Time Entrant: Tony Pecha of Bloomer, Wisconsin
Dairy Hay: David and Donald Schlies of Denmark, Wisconsin
Dairy Haylage: McClellan Farms Inc. of Delavan, Wisconsin
Dairy Corn Silage (Standard): Lightland Farms of Stanley, New York
Dairy Corn Silage (BMR): Frazee Farms of Fabius, New York
Commercial Hay: Lori Hetzel of Powell, Wyoming
Commercial Baleage: Kendall Guither of Walnut, Illinois
Herdsmanship Awards
Given to individuals and/or dairy farms who exhibit and demonstrate organization, cleanliness and cooperation with show management based on votes by their fellow exhibitors.
Overall Winner:  MilkSource Genetics LLC of Kaukauna, Wisconsin
Ayrshire: Hall’s Ayrshires of Cushing, Oklahoma
Brown Swiss: Blessing Farms of Fort Wayne, Indiana
Guernsey: Gurn-Z Meadows of Janesville, Wisconsin
Holstein: Me-Do Meadows of Orfordville, Wisconsin
Jersey:  Page-Crest of Mount Vernon, Missouri
Milking Shorthorn: Empty Pockets-Heather Theyen of Grove City, Minnesota
Red & White: Greenlea of Middletown, Delaware
Mixed Group: MilkSource Genetics of Kaukauna, Wisconsin
Mixed Group: Delbert Yoder/Chupp’s/ Richman of West Salem, Ohio
Mixed Group: Rosedale of Oxford, Wisconsin
Tuesday:  Topp-View Farms of Botkins, Ohio
Wednesday: MD-Hillbrook of Thurmont, Maryland
Thursday: Friendship Farms, Millbrook of New York and Erdman Dairy of Chenoa, Illinois
Friday: Mount Elgin Dairy Farms of Ontario, Canada and RockyMountain Holsteins of Alberta, Canada
Saturday: Legendholm of Fithian, Illinois
World Dairy Expo Showmanship Contest
Junior Division                         &​nbsp;                         Intermediate Division                                       Senior Division
1. Kyle Barton, Ancrumdale, NY                     1. Cyrus Conard, Sharon Springs, NY             1. Nicole Ballweg, Dane, WI
2. Connor Erbsen, Lanark, IL                           2. Natalie Endres, Waunakee, WI                    2. Brett Hildebrandt, Hustiford, WI
3. Emma Olstad, Stoughton, WI                      3. Katlyn Rene Vencill, Nicholasville, KY      3. Cassy Krull, Lake Mills, WI
4. Rachel Coyne, Spring Valley, WI                4. Ruben Schaapman, Abbeville, GA              4. Anna Troester, Garnavillo, IA
5. Bailey Larson, Alma Center, WI                  5. Austin Nauman, Sparta, WI                         5. Laura Finley, Lake Mills, WI
6. Carly Krull, Lake Mills, WI                           6. Taylor Leach, Linwood, KS                          6. Stephanie LeMay, Brookfield, WI
7. Brianna Hall, Westby, WI                             7. Brock Liddle, Argyle, NY                               7. Dominic Balistreri, Petaluma, CA
8. Kalista Hodorff, Eden, WI                            8. Taylor Mohr, Glencoe, MN                           8. Dustin Kirkpatrick, Godley, TX
9. Lindsey Sarbacker, Edgerton, WI                9. Elizabeth Sarbacker, Verona, WI                                9. Brooks Hendrickson, Belleville, WI
10. Mike Moede, Algoma, WI                          10. Nicole Wright, Watertown, WI                   10. John Klossner, Mt. Horeb, WI
World Dairy Expo Senior Youth Fitting Contest
1. Trent Styczynski, Pulaski, Wisconsin
2. Jeffery Turner, Lebanon, Tennessee
3. Grace Shanks, Garden Prairie, Illinois
4. Krystal Thorman, Watertown, Wisconsin
5. Kade Harris, Richmond, Utah
6. Hayden Hauschildt, Ellsworth, Wisconsin
7. Kimberly Knasel, Taylorsville, Kentucky
8. Dustin Kirkpatrick, Galley, Texas
9. Mitch Kappelman, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
World Dairy Expo Quiz Bowl Contest
1. Illinois 4-H:  Haley Lyons, Aaron Mitchell, Elizabeth Myelle and Sarah Sheehan, coached by Dave Fischer.
2. Wisconsin Manitowoc County:  Jace Neuser, Sam Lemsmire, Erin Kappelman and Rachel Hartlaub,
Klussendorf Trophy Winner:  Mike Stiles of  Clearbrook, Virginia
Klussendorf-MacKenzie Award Winner:  Nicky Reape of Oxford, Wisconsin
Merle Howard Award Winner:  Stephanie Aves of Poplar Grove, Illinois
A.C. "Whitie" Thomson Award Winner:  Ron Mikulice of Orangeville, Illinois
Robert “Whitey” McKown Master Breeder Winner:  Berneta Gable of New Enterprise, Pennsylvania
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