2019 Mailbox Milk Price Averaged $17.89

01:48PM May 28, 2020
Milk tankers are important for storing and moving milk to processors.
( Farm Journal Media )

What seems like a distant and fond memory, USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service reports 2019 mailbox milk prices averaged $17.89/cwt. It was the highest annual average since 2014.

The highest mailbox price average for the year came in Florida, which averaged $19.40 for the year, peaking there in November at $20.49.

But the highest monthly peak mailbox price in 2019 actually came in Minnesota in November, at $22.47. Wisconsin had the second highest peak mailbox price, also occurring in November, at $22.13. All Federal Orders averaged $20.11/cwt in November. 

The lowest average 2019 mailbox price came in New Mexico, at $16.15. The Cornbelt states also failed to break $17 as an annual average, at $16.92. You can see all the 2019 mailbox prices here.

The peak year for mailbox prices remains 2014, when prices averaged $24.04 for the year. It has been a roller coaster price ride ever since. Two of the lowest prices years in the last decade came in 2016 and 2018. See table. 

Year                       All-Market Mailbox Price

2019                       $17.89

2018                       $15.72

2017                       $17.31

2016                       $15.95

2015                       $17.02

2014                       $24.04

2013                       $20.06

2012                       $18.56

2011                       $20.20

2010                       $16.29