2019’s Top Fertilizer Stories From AgPro

06:00AM Dec 17, 2019
From reduced production, logistical issues, to new ways farmers are buying fertilizer, the news surrounding this farm input was wide-ranging.
( LIndsey Benne )

Based on pageviews, here are the most viewed stories about fertilizer that were posted to AgPro’s website. 
From reduced production, logistical issues, to new ways farmers are buying fertilizer, the news surrounding this farm input was wide-ranging.

1. Two Runaway Barges Crash Into Arkansas River Dam in Oklahoma

  • Two runaway barges carrying fertilizer and weighing a combined total of 3,800 tons, crashed into Webbers Falls Lock and Dam 16 on the Arkansas River in east-central Oklahoma. One submerged within 10 seconds and the other broke apart after making contact and also sank. Click here for video.

2. Wilbur-Ellis Makes Largest Acquisition To Date

3. Nutrien’s Potash Mine Closure Adds to Bite of Canada Rail Strike

  • Nutrien Ltd. said it notified workers of a two-week shutdown starting Dec. 2 at its Rocanville mine in the western Canadian province of Saskatchewan. About 550 of 600 employees are expected to be laid off. Click here for more details.

4. Mosaic To Decrease Phosphate Supplies

5. Nutrien Acquires Actagro Crop Nutrition Developer

  • Nutrien will gain 100% equity of Actagro including two U.S. manufacturing facilities in California and Arkansas with products distributed through global retailers and distributors. Click here for the full story.

6. More Farmers Go Online For Crop Inputs

  • Of the product categories included in the study, only two had an increase from 2018 to 2019. The share of respondents who bought some of their seed online jumped from 23% in the 2018 survey to 42% in the 2019 survey. The percent of respondents who bought some fertilizer online went from 8% to 19%. Click here for the full results from the survey. 

7. Potassium Can Help Prop Up The 2019 Crop

  • If nitrogen helps build the plant’s engine, then potassium can be thought of as the fuel for the engine. That analogy is shared by Tommy Roach, vice president of product development at NACHURS. Click here for more agronomic insights. 

8. Nutrien Will Reduce Potash Production

  • According to the company, the production shutdown is in response to a short-term slowdown in global potash markets. If all three facilities are shut down for the full eight weeks, it will reduce potash production by 700,000 tons and reduce EBITDA by $100 to $150 million. Click here for full details of the announcement.

9. EPA Proposes Changes To Gypsum Source

  • Richard Gupton Senior Vice President, Public Policy & Counsel at Ag Retailers Association explains the EPA-proposed revisions to regulations of coal ash that could impact ag retailers, their farmer customers and the availability of gypsum. Click here for more details from ARA staff. 

10. GSI Unveils Two Co-Op Projects In Minnesota