21 Groups Unite to Override Missouri Gov's Vetoes of Farm Bills

11:34AM Sep 02, 2014

Twenty-one organizations representing tens of thousands of farmers, ranchers and small businesses unite in an effort to override Governor Jay Nixon's vetoes of H.B. 1326 and S.B. 506, which are commonly referred to as the "Missouri Farm Bills." Representatives from the organizations penned a letter to elected leaders in the Missouri Legislature. The intent of the letter was to reinforce the importance of these two omnibus agriculture bills, which are very similar, and encourage support in overriding the vetoes.

"These two bills passed the legislature with tremendous bipartisan support. Outside of the legislature, these bills are supported by every major farm-driven organization in the state and many other trade associations," penned the authors of the letter. "We stand together in full support of overriding the vetoes of these two bills that will advance Missouri agriculture on several fronts."

The groups outlined several components of the omnibus bills that will advance Missouri's top economic driver. Both bills include the following:

  • Enacts the Missouri Dairy Revitalization Act (MDRA), which is an innovative program that dovetails in with the new Dairy Title of the Farm Bill;
  • Increases the hauling limits for livestock on Missouri highways;
  • Extends the equine liability waiver to all livestock;
  • Modifies provisions relating to evidence of financial responsibility for certified commercial pesticide applicators;
  • Clarifies the process for insuring title transfers of farm and ranch property;
  • Enables Missouri cattle producers the opportunity to vote whether or not to increase their investment in the Missouri beef checkoff; and
  • Continues the large animal veterinarian student loan program.

Missouri's veto session begins on Sept. 10, 2014. The groups endorsing the letter are united in their efforts to override the vetoes. Missouri Cattlemen's Association (MCA) Executive Vice President Mike Deering said the overwhelming support for these two bills should solidify the importance of the omnibus bills to elected leaders in both the Missouri House and Missouri Senate.

"You have 21 organizations joined together in support of an override of both H.B. 1326 and S.B. 506. When have you ever seen this type of support for an override of a veto? The governor made a mistake and representatives and senators can either right the wrong or duplicate Governor Nixon's error," said Deering. "I have to believe that our elected leaders will stand firmly in support of Missouri's farmers and ranchers."

In addition to MCA, the letter was signed by FCS Financial; Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association; Missouri Agribusiness Association; Missouri Bankers Association; Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Missouri Corn Growers Association; Missouri Dairy Association; Missouri Dairy Products Association; Missouri Deer Association; Missouri Egg Council; Missouri Elk Farmers Association; Missouri Farm Bureau; Missouri Federation of Animal Owners; Missouri Land Title Association; Missouri Livestock Marketing Association; Missouri Pork Producers Association; Missouri Soybean Association; Missouri Veterinary Medical Association; MFA Incorporated; and The Poultry Federation.

Source: Missouri Cattlemen's Association