$2,700 to $16,400 an acre in Western Illinois

03:28PM Apr 05, 2016
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An April 2 auction in Adams Co., Ill., saw cropland bringing $7,400 to $16,400 an acre and cropland/pasture bringing $2,700 an acre. The eye-blinking $16,400 an acre was bid for tract 1, which was located three miles south of Ursa along a U.S. highway. It was 100% tillable and carried a soil PI of 139.7 versus a maximum PI of 147.

Tract 2 was located 3.5 miles north of Camp Point and offered 88 acres of mostly cropland. Some 80 were listed as tillable and that ground featured a soil PI of 130.5. The balance of the offering was waterway and wooded draws. It sold for $7,400 an acre.

Tract 3 consisted ot 26 acres and was located next to Tract 2. It was irregularly shaped and featured 17 acres of rolling cropland. Its soils carried a PI of 96.9. It sold for $2,700 an acre.

Handling the auction was Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC, Hamilton, Ill., 844-847-2161.