3 Leadership Priorities for Planting Season

02:11PM May 04, 2018
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This time of year can feel like a sprint and a marathon. As your team’s leader, you must not let the pressures of planting cause additional stress and fatigue on your team, says Bob Milligan, senior consultant at Dairy Strategies based in Bruce, Wis.

He provides three important tips for leading your team. 

  1. Management and leadership is still your top priority. Don’t let your urgent to-do list derail leading by example and managing your team, Milligan says. “If you do not, you personally may get a lot of work done, but others will be less productive, and the efficiency of planting will suffer,” he says.
  2. Stay safe. “We are frequently reminded that fatigue and drowsiness are major contributors to distracted driving auto accidents,” Milligan says. “Long hours are necessary, but you must make certain everyone, including yourself, takes breaks, eats well, and stays hydrated.”
  3. Look for signs of stress. Long hours, real or perceived inadequate planting progress, pressures from home about the long hours and other personal issues are just a few of the stressors that occur during this season.

    “Life happens even during planting,” Milligan says. “If you or anyone else is showing signs of stress—easily frustrated, unusually quiet or loud, listless—check out WHY and take action if needed.

Need more advice on leading your team and controlling stress during planting? Contact Bob Milligan at [email protected] or 651-647-0495.