35% Of Farmers Say The MFP Won’t Offset Their Losses Enough

11:19AM Aug 09, 2019
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At first blush, the $14.5 billion package authorized for the Market Facilitation Program (MFP) seems a huge shot of financial support for American agricultural producers. But as those dollars are divvied up by operation across the country, it’s easy to see they will likely be quickly depleted.  

To that effect, Farm Journal asked farmers in a recent Pulse survey, “Will the MFP payments announced by USDA offset price damage done by the trade war with China?”

Of the 802 total responses, 35% said not nearly enough while 36% said somewhat. Only 8% of farmers said yes, the payments would offset price damage done to their farming enterprise.

MFP payments will be made to farmers in up to three tranches (a French term, meaning slice or portion). The first one has been slated for sometime in August. If conditions warrant, the second and third tranches will be made in November and early January.

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