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3 tips to get more from your crops

16:19PM Jun 12, 2007
Maximize your yields with these tips and Headline fungicide

Over several years in thousands of corn and soybean on-farm trials, Headline® fungicide has helped produce higher yields that more than pay for the cost of the fungicide. It's a true innovation in crop production. And the key to disease control and Plant Health™ success with Headline is to adopt three easy-to-follow practices. All are covered by the acronym ACT™, short for Adjuvants, Coverage and Timing.

Here's how to get in on the ACT of higher yields in corn and soybeans.

1) Adjuvants

For aerial application volumes of less than 5 gal/A, you must include a crop oil concentrate (COC) at a rate of 0.5-1.0 pt/A. Use the higher 1.0 pt/A rate when:


  • Using an application volume between 2 and 3 gal/A
  • The relative humidity is less than 60%
  • The air temperature is greater than 85°F

The use of a COC reduces evaporation, maximizes foliar coverage and penetration and can result in significant yield increases.

The use of an adjuvant is also recommended for ground application. Contact your retailer to find the most appropriate adjuvant(s) to use when you apply Headline.

2) Coverage

Headline needs to get to where it's needed most - into and beneath the crop canopy. To ensure adequate penetration, be sure to adjust nozzles, pressure and carrier volume to produce medium to fine droplets.

Flow rates

  • Aerial: minimum 2 to 5 gal/A (with a crop oil with emulsifier properties at 0.5 – 1.0 pt/A)
  • Ground: minimum 15 gal/A

Application rates

  • For field corn and popcorn: 6 oz/A (see Headline section 2(ee) bulletin for recommendations in certain states)
  • For sweet and inbred corn – one-application program: 9 oz/A
  • For sweet and inbred corn – two-application program: 6 oz/A (see Headline section2(ee) bulletin for recommendations in certain states)
  • For soybeans: 6 oz/A

3) Timing

Headline has a wide application window. But to get the richest Plant Health benefits from this fungicide, be sure to apply it at the optimal time.

  • Corn optimum application window: mid flag through silking
  • Soybean optimum application window: Full flowering to beginning of pod (R2 and R3)

Be sure to apply Headline to the crop before the onset of any disease (including Asian soybean rust). A preventative program gives the best disease protection and maximum Plant Health benefits.

The last word

I noticed from the air that earlier in the season, the fields that had a Headline application looked darker because the plants were holding moisture much better. Later in the season, the fields with Headline looked lighter because there was less disease – smut, anthracnose and other fungus. Those fields looked light-colored from the air because they were healthier and cleaner.”
--Aerial applicator Ed Newberg of Newberg Sky Spray, Hector, Minnesota

Do more with Headline

There’s still time to get the best disease control and plant health advantages of Headline. In 2006, Headline users boosted their yields by 12 to 15 bu/A in corn and 4 to 8 bu/A in soybeans. Now’s a great time to visit your retailer and talk to them about using Headline for your crops this year.