4 Must-Have Apps for the Farm

03:16PM Nov 04, 2019
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Top app picks to help you manage to-do lists, notes and employees.
( Lindsey Benne )

How many apps do you have on your smartphone? The answer: Probably more than you think.

To date, there are more than 1.83 million apps available on the Apple App Store and 2 million apps on Google Play. When it comes to finding apps useful on the farm, those numbers drop drastically. Here are four apps used and recommended by farmers themselves. 

Google Sheets

Staying organized can work wonders to enhance productivity and reduce headaches, but it’s easier said than done. Several farmers suggest using Google Sheets to help keep track of important information. Creating shareable spreadsheets allows multiple people to track details such as equipment maintenance, scouting efforts and much more while keeping it at the tip of your fingers.


Do you have a farm employee who constantly shows up late for work? HomeBase is a great app to help prevent that from happening. The popular employee time clock app allows users to schedule work shifts, keep track of time sheets and even monitor real-time labor costs for the day. It can even send reminders to your employees about upcoming shifts and notifies you if someone has not clocked in.

Day One

Are you constantly scribbling down notes on any paper you can find, but then lose those notes two days later? If so, maybe it’s time to download the Day One app. This farm-friendly, note-taking app allows you to create individual note sheets that become searchable once they’re saved. Can’t remember the last time you scouted a certain field? Just search for the field in your notes and the date pops right up.


Every farmer has a million items on their to-do list, but keeping track of it all can be tricky and overwhelming. Have you heard of Wunderlist, a digital organizer that allows you to make customized lists and share them with others? Whether it be creating a list of parts to pick up or generating a lineup of seed to order, this handy app can help you change those “dos” to “all done.”