4 Reasons You Should Have a Farm Brand

06:00PM Dec 09, 2014
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Apple…Pepsi…Oscar Meyer… All of these companies have distinct brands, logos and images that pop into your head immediately. Does your farm’s name have the same impact?

“You should think of your brand as reputational capital,” says Bret Oelke, a farm business consultant with Innovus Agra LLC. He says a good farm or ranch brand will:

  • Deliver your message clearly
  • Confirm your credibility
  • Motivate customers and prospects
  • Concrete customer loyalty

“Brand management should be part of your overall business plan,” Oelke says.

He suggests identifying your farm’s mission, vision, business philosophy and goals. To do so, write down three words that describe you as a person, as well as three words that describe your business. These words can lead you to a brand or slogan that will explain what makes your operation unique and why others should do business with you.

Some good examples of farm brands Oelke has seen include:

  • Steward of your land for generations
  • A growing business
  • Faith, family, faming

Once you have a farm brand, consider drawing up a farm logo. Then, put your brand on your farm’s clothing, business cards, caps and signage. “These steps can create awareness of your business,” Oelke says.

Many farms have team members with marketing or communication skills, Oelke says. Brand management can become part of their job responsibility.  


Oelke spoke at the 2014 Executive Women in Agriculture conference, which was hosted by Top Producer.