The 5-Minute Business Plan

07:30AM Jan 24, 2020
Create a simple, viable and active strategy for your farm .
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Create a simple, viable and active strategy for your farm 

What is the key to surviving and thriving when times are tough? “Focus,” says Mary Kelly, author of 11 books on business growth and leadership and CEO of Productive Leaders.

“We are limited in our thinking by how we see things,” says Kelly, who trained 40,000 military and civilian personnel in 21 years as a Navy intelligence and logistics officer.

“How do we stay ahead of and manage external forces? Define your business goals and plan.”

A proactive business plan is simple and actionable, Kelly says. She offers this template to create your farm’s business plan in five minutes.  


This identifies what you actually do and for whom. 
I sell/provide _________________________________
to people who ________________________________


In business you usually focus on filling a need, solving a problem or improving someone’s life.
I am helping __________________________________
I am increasing _______________________________
I am reducing or getting rid of____________________


To be successful in business you have to make a profit. Making a profit means your revenues are greater than your expenses.
I charge _____________________________________
To get paid I __________________________________
I can also earn money if I ________________________


People need to know about you and your product or service.
Customers learn about me through ___________________
My social media plan includes _______________________
I manage referrals by ______________________________


You cannot do everything yourself. Outsource tasks 
or projects where you are weak or that can easily be accomplished by someone else.
I like doing _______________________________________
I’ll get help with __________________________________


Make sure you know when you achieve your goals. Celebrate milestones and accomplishments. 
I’ll know I’m successful when I have __________________
(number of) customers, sell ______________(number of) products or make $______________ in income.

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