5 Technologies Displacing Traditional Stand Counts

03:42PM May 06, 2020
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Here’s a roundup of technologies aiming to improve on the process of traditional stand counts by layering algorithms, artificial intelligence and remote sensing.

Agremo Stand Count

  • Platform: This is available for any RGB, NIR or multispectral sensors and for any drone type. It requires GeoTIFF, and DroneDeploy is recommended.
  • Details: This service shows three numbers: exact number of plants, average number of plants per acre and how this number compares to the planned number of plants.
  • Other Services: Agremo also provides plant health-related information, such as weed zone infestation, disease damage and nitrogen zones.



Intelinair AGMRI

  • Platform: Data collection is airplane-based, with the ability to add scouting photos and other data by authorized users.
  • Details: Maps color-code areas of concern before they are readily visible through on-the-ground scouting, allowing for more timely replant decisions.
  • Other Services: The platform delivers high-res imagery for every acre for season-long analysis. Compare View is a feature for side-by-side comparisons of field images gathered through the season.



PrecisionHawk PrecisionAnalytics

  • Platform: The company recommends multi-rotor DJI Phantom 4 or DJI Mavic drones.
  • Details: The plant-counting algorithm detects plants from seedlings to full canopies. Colored dots indicate the size of the plant canopies relative to each other and can be viewed by row, zone or field.
  • Other Services: PrecisionHawk has solutions for plant health, prescription maps, optimizing by zone and indicating plant stress or storm damage.



Sony Smart Agriculture Solution

  • Platform: This is drone-based, and Sony partners with Drones Made Easy for flight planning.
  • Details: This solution covers approximately 100 acres/flight and offers in-field stand count within minutes without an internet connection. It provides stand count, skip count and emergence rate. Uniform and variable-rate populations are supported.
  • Other Services: The platform generates combined NDVI and RGB field images, which can be used for various crop scouting and crop monitoring uses in-season.




  • Platform: The Taranis product combines sat- ellite-, airplane- and drone-sourced images and uses artificial intelligence to analyze the images.
  • Details: The technology is designed to detect the position of each plant to calculate plant emer- gence, row spacing and row length, and it can compare the data to the planting date.
  • Other Services: Taranis combines aerial scout- ing and artificial intelligence to offer in-season in- sights such as weed detection, field health, insect and disease treatment and growth problems.