5 Tips To Buy Crop Inputs Online

09:51AM Oct 16, 2019
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Explore how to maximize your e-commerce experience

There are multiple businesses aiming to help you get even more out of your time and money with easy, economical online ordering of the crop protection products. From herbicides and fungicides to insecticides and adjuvants, you can find more of what you want, in one place, and often for less money. Here are five FAQs about online purchasing:

  1. How will I receive my products?

In most cases, it’s your choice. You can either have products shipped right to your farm or you can arrange for your shipment to be delivered to a warehouse near you. Many warehouses keep a steady inventory level so you can enjoy same-day pickup. One important note: It’s advantageous to choose an online retailer with multiple warehouse locations for the largest selection.

  1. Will I be able to find the products I want?

Many online ag product supply stores have an extensive lineup of high-quality crop protection products you can search by name or active ingredient. 

  1. What kind of discounts will I receive?

Because you’re purchasing directly, you’ll see an automatic savings. Plus, once you create an account with an online retailer, you’ll benefit from their member discounts, including coupons and exclusive social media promotions.

  1. I prefer to talk to someone about my crop protection products – what’s online customer service like?

A good online retailer makes purchasing your crop protection products an easy, convenient, money-saving and enjoyable experience. It can be in your best interest to work with a company that also has a local presence in your region. The ideal provider has several brick-and-mortar locations within a convenient distance from your farm.

  1. What are my payment options?

Most online businesses offer multiple payment methods. You can choose to do an electronic transfer from your financial institution or use your debit or credit card.

Now that you know the deal, it’s time to get the deals! Start investigating the online crop protection product retailers who serve your region, and you’re sure to find the one that fits your needs, and your budget, perfectly.