5 Agriculture Headlines Not To Miss, June 9

09:58AM Jun 09, 2014
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1. No Such Thing as GMO Contamination

There is often nothing quite as bitter as a farmer vs. farmer dispute. The landmark GMO case of Baxter vs. Marsh is over – a story of broken friendship wrapped around the clash of organic and GM crops. No handshakes over the fence; no happy ending. (Forbes)

2. Take the Honey and Run

America’s most famous bee rustler may be back in action: A tangled tale of David Allred, the self-anointed "Jesse James" of the bee industry. (Mother Jones)

3. Flight of the Seed Bombers

Who knew? There’s gold in seed bombs, and Maya Drozdz and Michael Stout saw it first. (CNN Money)

4. Metal Thieves Turn Copper to Gold

There’s copper theft … and then there’s copper theft to the tune of $1 million in one job. Thieves in Philadelphia pinched miles of copper wiring over multiple days from a Philadelphia warehouse. (WPVI)

5. This Farmer Invented a Suitcasemobile

A Chinese farmer wants you to haul down the road on one of his suitcase hogs. (Picture Lloyd Christmas heading to Aspen.) 10 years of innovation have birthed a suitcasemobile with GPS, room for two, and a vicious high of 12.5 mph. (The Creators Project)