60% of Farmers Oppose Ethanol Waiver

September 9, 2012 08:31 PM

According to a recent Farm Journal Pulse, more than half of those who responded do not support a waiver of the ethanol mandate.


The food-versus-fuel debate has resurfaced again, in amongst one of the worst droughts seen in the U.S. With a much smaller corn harvest projected for the country this year, many groups are calling for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to waive its Renewable Fuels Standards (RFS) mandate.


Farm Journal PulseThis week’s Farm Journal Pulse, a text message poll of farmers and ranchers, asked: Do you support a waiver of the ethanol mandate due to 2012 drought concerns?

Here are the results:
RFS Pulse



More than half, 60%, do not believe the ethanol mandate should be waived, due to drought conditions.

See the results on an interactive map:

9 6 12 Pulse



Read more about the current ethanol controversy:

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For dairy and livestock producers, it's a no-brainer. EPA administrators, however, will be under intense pressure from waiver opponents. But there is middle ground. 

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With USDA’s forecast that corn production this year will drop 13% to a six-year low as a result of the historic drought nationwide, the calls to divert more corn for food versus fuel are likely to grow more urgent.



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9/8/2012 12:13 AM

  This is a contentious survey. The map speaks volumes! For the most part, those who want to keep the federal ethanol mandate aren't facing the surging grain prices that threaten dairy herds like mine. Out-of-control grain bills are crippling cash flow on dairy farms all across the country. I understand that grain farmers need to make a living, but it is questionable whether any tax dollars should be involved in developing ethanol, and traditional users of grain still need to be able to compete and pay for grain purchases for cattle feed. Can’t! Dairy farmers have no way to cover any cost of production inputs in their federally controlled minimum farm milk price (bad policy!!) even with regular grain costs let alone with these hyper inflated feed bills driven through the roof by federal ethanol programs and “free trade” exports. Where is common sense? Where is concern for our own nation? Ethanol isn't a “free market” commodity; it is a contrived and controlled market that is irrational and unsustainable, and it is putting everyone "at risk" because we may not all be grain farmers, but everyone "eats," even livestock! Ethanol was propelled into existence by federal “special interest” intrusion, and the dire consequences were not fully explained to all affected parties including taxpayers and “eaters.” Ethanol has even had a negative impact on other land uses in some farming communities by limiting availability of hay ground since a lot of forage acreage has been converted to growing corn for ethanol. Bad idea, bad policy. Good luck, USA!

9/9/2012 01:28 AM

  Who reads farm journal mostly? No livestock farmer or any other end users supports enthanol at all, just because of one FACT. It is totally a mandated & government supported subsidized program. If enthanol were a private non subsidized business that must operate on markets, not subsidies or mandates or government gas pumps, paid for by consumers, farm industry, end users to compete against themselves than it would be just another business that must make it on demand for a good product or not. A poll thrown out there that has no statistics as to what percent of respondents are corn farmers is a totally worthless ad. I would like to see a poll done by Rasmussen on this one. It's the peoples money pouring in to kept this farm solandra afloat.

9/9/2012 12:32 PM

   SD Farmer has it right. Those grain farmers cry like a bunch of spoiled babies, banging their spoons on their high chair demand more, more ,more from big mamma Government. They want subsidized crops, subsidized crop insurance , subsidized markets (Ethanol), disaster relief money and loans. yada,yada,yada! Meanwhile, us cattle and hog producers are told to toughen up and wait for the free market to come to us.


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