7 Agriculture Headlines Not To Miss, June 13

09:15AM Jun 13, 2014
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1. Lord of the Bees

A beekeeper in China has new bragging rights after covering his body with a record-breaking 326,000 bees. The bee covering weighed 72 pounds and took 2.5 hours to complete. Costs to the beekeeper? Only 2,000 stings. (Daily Mail

2. Synbio Horizon

Here comes the synthetic biology revolution -- or not. Synthetic biology has been around a while in association with biofuels, but the unregulated technology is spreading into other industries. "The processes using synthetic biology involve techniques that more extensively alter genetic code … in which DNA is created on computers and inserted into organisms, and other methods for changing DNA sequences and genes within organisms to alter their function." Get ready for a whole new labeling mess. (New York Times

3. Searching for Organic Shangri-La

The organic crop industry is booming and it has the buyers to back it -- just not the science. (Bloomberg View) 


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4. Food Tasting Hell

Somebody has to taste-test fried frozen foods. But three days a week, four hours a day, for an eight-month stretch? (The Billfold)

5. Water War With No End

Which farmers get the water in California: Highest bidders? Longest straws? Nearest to the source? It’s a nightmare tangle for Golden State agriculture. (The Salt)

6. Let’s Go Truffling

Who needs pigs to find underground treasure? Unleash the dogs and they’ll still bring home the bacon. (Modern Farmer)

7. Last of the Bootleggers

When moonshine goes legal, the only competition comes from old-school bootleggers. The bar is closing down on the old guard. (VICE


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