7 Agriculture Headlines Not To Miss, June 16

11:14AM Jun 16, 2014
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1. Farmer Finds Wife, Thanks Cow

Steven O’Kane’s new bride fell in love with his prize British Blue heifer -- and then him later. (BBC) 

2. Dr. Oz is P.T. Barnum

Whether weight-loss products or GMO crops, no claim is too outrageous for Dr. Oz. (Daily Beast)

3. Take a Peek at the Death Map

Here’s a slightly depressing map that shows the leading cause of death in every country of the world. Heart disease, cancer, HIV, tuberculosis: all the usual suspects are lurking. (Salon)


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4. EPA is Transparent like Mud

A watchdog group is suing the NSA to get access to EPA phone records. "We have found the silver lining of the NSA affair: While spying on all of us, our federal spooks inadvertently caught some of their lawbreaking political operatives at EPA," said Christopher Horner, one of the lawyers involved. (Washington Times)

5. Are Saltwater Plants the Future?

Salt has always been associated with the end of agriculture. But of "400,000 flowering plant species around the world, 2,600 do drink seawater. Do those salt-plants, called halophytes, hold any agricultural promise? (Aeon) 

6. Last of the Dairy Breed

Tom Hicks is holding on to his dairy farming lifestyle and fighting the clock, the last of the breed in his town. (The Saratogian) 

7. Oddest Fruit Warehouse Ever

A warehouse several thousand years in the making: What to do with the ancient underground cities of Cappadocia? Leave it to the produce industry which is taking advantage of constant underground temperatures by storing thousands of tons of fruits and vegetables in the oldest and oddest of fruit warehouses. (The Guardian


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