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7 Agriculture Headlines Not To Miss, June 20

09:00AM Jun 20, 2014

1. Spies in the Furrows

When two Chinese spies went low-tech to steal high-tech plants, their actions eventually helped peeled back the curtain on industrial espionage in agriculture, and few doubt the paper trail leads straight to the top levels in Beijing. (Motley Fool)

2. Rat Smells a Cig

Twelve percent of the tobacco trade is smuggled across international borders each year. What to do? Send in Giant African Pouched Rats and their phenom schnozzes. They’ve already been tested successfully in landmine detection. (takepart)

3. Golden Banana Agoniste

Created by Australian scientists, a vitamin A rich, GM banana is ready for human consumption trials. And no matter the outcome, no matter the potential for saving millions of lives across the world, there will weeping and gnashing of teeth from the anti-GM crowd. (The Independent)


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4. Water Salvation Shot from a Slingshot

Forget the Segway. One of Dean Kamen’s other inventions called the "Slingshot" may offer water salvation to millions across the globe. Kamen’s invention (10 years in the making) can purify 250,000 liters of the nastiest water around: sewage, saltwater, or chemical wastewater. (Popular Science)

5. Cattle Rustlers and AK-47s

Hundreds of rustlers stealing a few thousand cattle in a single run with AK-47s? Apparently not the stuff of fiction in Kenya. (VICE)

6. A Pig’s Life

What’s the best way to give a pig life before killing it? (Gizmodo)

7. Switching from Milk to Beer

What to do when the dairy barn isn’t producing a profit? Turn it into a brewery. (The Record News)


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