8 Quotable Quotes from Day One of Leman Swine Conference

06:19PM Sep 16, 2019
Dr. Jose Sanchez-Vizcaino
( Jennifer Shike )

From African swine fever to natural disaster preparedness, the 2019 Allen D. Leman Swine Conference in Saint Paul, Minn., offered a full line-up of topics for attendees on Monday. 

Here are some quotable moments from the day. 

Jose Sanchez-Vizcaino
1.    “To play with a virus like African swine fever, the first thing you have to do is know the game. Sometimes the people don’t know the game so ASF always wins.” 
Jose Manuel Sanchez-Vizcaino of the University Complutense of Madrid during “Global Sitaution of ASF and the Different Epidemiological Scenarios.”

Joseph Yaros

2.    “The biggest thing you can do is to prevent it (African swine fever) – everything you can do to prevent it will provide value. The risk is present 100% of the time.” 
Joseph Yaros of Pipestone Veterinary Clinic during “Our Experience with ASF in China.”

Emily Byers

3.   "Preparedness is key to surviving events like this. With hurricanes, you know they are coming." 
Emily Byers of Prestage Farms during “Dealing with Hurricanes and Floods” 

Cameron Schmitt

4.    “Give support to others in need, you will need them at some point.” 
Cameron Schmitt of Pipestone Veterinary Services during “Dealing with Fires and Explosions – Implications for Emergency Euthanasia”

Levi Johnson

5.    "What will be your objective if African swine fever enters the U.S.? Eradicate!" 
Levi Johnson of New Fashion Pork during “Snow Storms: Implications for the 72 H Rule of No Pig Movement”

Terry Coffey

6.    “All experiments will not result in a product or process implementation, and every innovation effort will not result in a new technology being successfully developed. In order to manage that, we have to realize there are some things that won’t turn out successfully. But nothing ventured, nothing gained.” 
Terry Coffey of Smithfield Foods during Morrison Lectureship


7.    “Biosecurity. It is ALL about the people. And layers...a lot of layers.” 
Amelia Naher of Cherkizovo during “How We Deal with ASF in Russia.” 

Kevin Harriger

8.    “What can you do? When you return from a foreign country, declare your products. If you were on a farm, a ranch, a pasture or handled livestock, declare it. If a CBP officer doesn't refer you to an ag specialist, stand on their desk. Get their attention. Ask for an ag specialist.” 
Kevin Harriger of U.S. Customs and Border Protection during “What Are We Doing at the US Border to Keep ASF Out.”

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