81-Year-Old John Deere D "Never Turned a Wheel in the Field"

February 13, 2017 01:03 PM

On AgriTalk Monday, Don in Kansas called the program to talk with Greg Peterson, also known as Machinery Pete.

Don’s grandfather and his brother sold a 1936 John Deere D that “never turned a wheel in the field.” He said the tractor has the original Montgomery Ward tires on the rear and a PTO kit that’s never been installed.

“That’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever heard about,” said Peterson.

Listen to their full exchange on AgriTalk above.

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Alhambra , IL
2/14/2017 05:46 AM

  Sounds about as useful to a farmer as an 81 year old unused $100 bill. Id rather have the returns from the few acres of ground that money would buy back then. Or the 14000 hour tractor my grandpa fretted over purchasing wheter or not he could afford it, and then the stories that would follow, from 20 hour work days on end to the countless years of service. Real tractors get used. Those are the ones Id rather have.