9 Questions to Ask Ahead of a Replant

04:28PM Jun 06, 2017
( AgWeb )

Farmers looking at a possible replant are faced with some tough math, according to Stephanie Porter, sales agronomist with Burrus Seed.

“Planting date is only one of the many factors that influence yield, with hybrid selection, stand, weather, nutrients, as well as disease, pest and wee pressure also influencing yield potential,” she writes in the latest edition of the Burrus Buzz newsletter.

Even when planting corn after June 1, there is still considerable yield potential, Porter says. However – depending on the year, weather stresses and foliar diseases later on can make or break those yield outcomes, she says.

Before making a replant decision, Porter recommends asking the following questions.

1. Are you aware of the economic and insurance implications?

2. Are you aware of how warmer weather affects growth? For example, longer internodes or taller plants and thinner stalks can occur following rapid growth, and reduced grain fill period can cause shallow kernel depth.

3. Will pollination occur during more stressful heat or drought conditions?

4. Will your hybrids gain enough GDDs to get to black layer ahead of a killing freeze?

5. Will your hybrids be able to dry down to reach acceptable moisture levels by harvest?

6. Are earlier hybrids well-suited for your area? Porter notes that some earlier hybrids aren’t well-adapted for Southern conditions, for example.

7. Are you factoring in foliar disease into the equation?

8. Are you factoring in late season stalk health into the hybrid selection decision?

9. Are you aware of the risks of later-planted conventional corn, such as damage by second generation corn borers?

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