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A new Headline Technical Information Bulletin discussing the impact of late-season disease pressure during a wet growing season is now available for your use

16:08PM Jun 26, 2008

New free publication summarizes the results

Weather across much of the Midwest this spring has created conditions that are favorable for increased late-season disease pressure and risk of reduced yields.

Late-planted and stressed corn crops are prime candidates for late-season disease and, ultimately, reduced yields. These are important considerations, particularly at a time of record commodity prices.

It's a well-established fact that later-maturing crops are often subject to increased late-season disease pressure that builds after the reproductive stage. This is made worse when unfavorable spring conditions stress the crop, making it difficult to get off to a good, strong start. Crops standing in water face pressure such as susceptibility to disease, stalk weakening, and reduced nitrogen utilization.

With a planned application of Headline® fungicide on their corn crops, growers can expect broad-spectrum foliar disease control from a range of common corn diseases. With increased late-season disease pressure from extended wet weather that has been experienced in the Midwest, effective disease control will take on even more importance.

In addition to disease control, Headline delivers a number of other significant Plant Health benefits, including growth efficiency, stress tolerance and improved harvestability.

Research demonstrates a link between disease control, Plant Health and the efficient use of nitrogen. Excessive rainfall depletes nitrogen through leaching and denitrification. Headline helps plants make better use of nitrogen, resulting in more yield-producing growth.

With commodity prices approaching $15 for soybeans and $7 for corn, the benefits of Headline translate into a positive ROI in both crops. The disease control and Plant Health benefits of Headline – and the resulting yield advantages – are well established. In a year of record commodity prices and challenging weather conditions, the importance of protecting the yield potential of crops takes on even more significance.

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